Tips for Installing a New Irrigation System for Your Lawn

Published on: September 21, 2016

In the warmer regions of the country, an irrigation system is a necessity for maintaining a beautiful lawn through the hot summer. If you are considering adding a new irrigation system or replacing an old sprinkler, there are some considerations to keep in mind. Not only is the type of irrigation system important, but also how it is installed and what additional features you may need can come into play. Here are some tips to keep in mind before installing a new irrigation system for your lawn.

  • Hand-dug trenches. If you have meticulously landscaped your yard, you do not want machinery used for installing irrigation systems to ruin all your hard work. Choose a landscaping company that offers hand-dug trenches to preserve your landscaping.
  • Sprinkler layout. Where the sprinkler heads will be placed is a crucial part of planning your irrigation system. Work with a landscaper that takes your plants, shaded areas, slopes and other elements into consideration when creating your new irrigation system. Sprinkler heads need to be evenly spaced and put in the most advantageous areas to maintain a superb lawn.
  • Additional features. Do you need a PRV valve installed or a rain sensor for your irrigation system? Make sure to discuss what options you need to make sure your new sprinklers are up to code for your city and efficient in water use.

Irrigation systems can make it easier to maintain your beautiful lawn through the hot summer months and add value to your home. Make sure your new system is installed right the first time by hiring an experienced landscaper that specializes in irrigation system installations.

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