4 Jobs to Outsource to a Landscaper

Even if you prefer to do your own lawn maintenance, there are times when having professional help can be advised. Landscapers can be a great source for projects that require special equipment, expertise or heavy lifting that may be beyond your capabilities. Most landscapers are happy to perform one-time projects without an ongoing maintenance contract. Here are four jobs to consider outsourcing to a landscaper to save you time and even money.

  1. Yard cleanup. After a big storm or just for normal spring cleanup, hiring a landscaper to clear your yard is a good idea. Not only can it save your back and body from strain, they have the equipment needed to haul away the debris when the cleanup is done.
  2. Thatching or aerating. When the undergrowth or thatch in your lawn is too thick, it can stunt growth. Aerating or thatching your lawn properly takes special equipment and expertise. Call in a landscaper for this project which only needs to be done occasionally.
  3. Adding drainage solutions. Why try to add a French drain or ditch yourself when you can call experts in to ensure it is done right? What could take you days will be done in a fraction of the time by a professional.
  4. Pruning and limb removal. Let a professional handle pruning or removing large limbs from trees. This can be dangerous work to do on your own and you want to ensure it is done properly to protect your trees from harm.

You don’t need to do everything yourself when it comes to yard work and landscaping. For those big or specialized projects, call a professional landscaper to get the job done quickly and with the right equipment.

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Why Use Pine Straw Mulch?

Mulch is used to protect landscaping by holding in moisture and insulating the top layer of the soil. There are many different types of mulch, from grass clippings and bark to wood and pine needles. Pine straw is a type of pine needle that is an excellent option for mulch. It offers several benefits over wood or bark mulch for certain applications.

Pine straw is pine needles that have been shed from the tree and collected to use for mulch. There are many different types of needles that can be used, but longer varieties work best for mulch. Like all mulches, pine straw insulates the ground and protects loss of moisture. It can also be used to beautify landscaping and to keep weeds at bay. However, there are a few advantages of pine straw over bark or wood varieties, including:

  • Slope protection. Other types of mulch can roll or slide down slopes. Pine straw is perfect for slope and grips the ground, staying in place on elevated areas.
  • Rain erosion. Pine straw holds up under heavy rain that can erode many other types of mulch. The natural inter-locking quality of pine needles creates an unmovable layer of protection, even in heavy rain or wind storms.
  • Beauty. Many people prefer the appearance of pine straw over wood or bark mulch. It can have a smoother surface and does not attract pests that some wood mulches can bring.

If you are looking for an alternative to bark or wood mulch, pine straw can be a great option. Talk to your landscaper about using pine straw for your sloped areas and other spots that require mulch for ground protection.

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3 Tips to Get Your Grass to Grow

Are you stumped when it comes to improving the quality of your lawn? Grass seems to grow everywhere, so why is it so hard to create a lush lawn? Grass can be temperamental, requiring specific care to get it to grow. Here are three tips to help you nourish your grass for a beautiful lawn.

  • Seeding. If you have bare patches or thin grass, seeding or over-seeding can help improve the quality of your lawn. Seeding should be done in the spring for the best results.
  • Fertilizing and weed control. You need to feed your grass and keep weeds at bay for a healthy lawn. Choose a quality fertilizer and pre/post emergent weed control to nourish your lawn. For proper fertilization, consider soil testing first to get the right fertilizer.
  • Watering. You need about ¾ -1 inch of water for most turf grass per week. The best option is infrequent watering, a few times a week. Mornings are the best time for watering.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a green thumb when it comes to lawns. If you are struggling to get your grass to grow, consider hiring a professional landscaper. They can help nurture your lawn and bring it back to life with the proper fertilizing, weed control and mowing schedule, plus other options like thatching or aerating.

Or, if you want to maintain your own lawn, consider new sod. Your landscaper can install a fresh, new lawn that is full and healthy from the beginning. You can start from scratch with a new lawn and use the tips previously mentioned to keep it healthy and thriving for years to come.

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How Much Value Does Landscaping Add to Your Home?

You know landscaping can improve the beauty of your home. It gives your yard a sculpted look and is enjoyable to look at when relaxing at your home. However, if you are selling your home soon, you may wonder if it is worth the investment to spend money on landscaping. Here are a few factors that can help you determine the value that landscaping can add to your home and whether it is a wise investment.

Does landscaping add value to your home? In most cases, yes. However, the amount you spend and the type of landscaping you do all factors into how much value it can add. A stone retaining wall will add more value than a pretty flower garden – it has function and a higher cost. The quality of landscaping is also important. A professional landscape design can create a distinct home that is memorable, increasing its overall value.

When you speak of value of a home, the true gauge is how much it is worth on the market. Curb appeal is a factor in home value – it may not be a big factor in the appraisal, but it plays a large part on making the home desirable on the market. Landscaping can set a home apart and create an emotional response in potential buyers. If they love what they see when they pull up to a home, that first impression can go a long way in impacting their buying decision.

Landscaping is one of the most economical options to improve the beauty and value of your home. If you are considering selling, talk to your local landscaper to discuss economical options you can do to improve curb appeal and the value before you put your home on the market.

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Best Way to Utilize Your Front Yard Space in Your Landscape Design

Your front yard is the first thing people see when coming to your home. The shrubs, lawn or gardens between your front door and curb are responsible for creating the first impression of your home. Finding the best way to utilize the space in your front yard depends on your style and the impression you want to relay to those viewing your home. Here are some ideas of landscape designs to best utilize your front yard space.

  • Privacy. If you want beauty in your landscaping, but privacy in your home, consider adding privacy trees or shrubs to your front yard design. Hedges or shrubs can be elegant, yet block the view, giving your family privacy in your home.
  • Simple. Small front yards can look overcrowded or cluttered with too many trees, plants or features. Keep it simple with small flowers and plants edging the walkway or front of the house, with a lush lawn or rock garden out front.
  • Focal points. Bring attention to your front yard with focal points like a flowing water feature, fountain or stone piece.
  • Hardscapes. If you have a slope in front of your home, you can use a retaining walls to create more planting area with tiers. Consider a natural stone retaining wall for a beautiful edging to your front yard. Other hardscapes can include fieldstone walkways or a front patio.

You want your front yard to match your style while making a great first impression. Talk with your local landscape designer to find the best way to use your front yard space, big or small, to ensure the best curb appeal.

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How to Hire a Professional Landscaper

If you desire a well-designed yard for your home or maintenance to care for your existing landscaping, you need a professional landscaper you can trust. There are many factors to consider before hiring a landscaper. You want a contractor that has experience, expertise and has a reliable reputation. Here are a few tips to ensure you find the best landscaper to complete your outdoor project.


You want a landscaper that has many years of experience in the landscaping industry, with excellent customer testimonials of their service. Choose a local landscaping company with an extensive history of reputable service in your area. Quality landscapers can have twenty or more years in business.


Make sure the landscaper you choose can handle more than just basic maintenance. You want a landscaper that has experience in complete lawn maintenance as well as design, hardscapes and other landscaping services. You want your landscaper to be able to complete your current landscaping needs as well as any future projects you may desire.

Licensed and Insured

Never take it for granted that a landscaper is licensed and insured. It is important to ensure that the landscaper you hire has the proper licensing for your state and municipality, plus insurance to cover liabilities. Hiring a landscaper without the insurance needed can put you at risk for liability of any injury or damage on your property.

A quality landscaper can help improve the beauty and value of your home. Hiring a company with experience and a solid reputation for excellent service is important to ensure you get the desired results for your landscaping project. Take the time to check the credentials and background of your landscaper for the best results.

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Top 3 Ways to Add More Privacy to Your Backyard

Do you feel on display when you are relaxing in your backyard? If you can feel prying eyes when you are enjoying time on your back deck or patio, maybe it is time to add some privacy to your backyard. Many neighborhoods are built with little space between homes, leaving your private areas exposed. Here are three ways to add more privacy to your backyard for you and your family.


The most common way to create a more private and secure backyard is with fencing. For privacy, you want a solid fencing. Wood or vinyl fencing does a great job for adding privacy. Make sure your fence is tall enough to give you the coverage you prefer.

Privacy Trees

Want a more natural screen from the world? Privacy trees offer a beautiful way to create an enclosed area for your backyard. Cypress, cedar and other tree varieties can be planted around your property line, offering excellent privacy. Want higher coverage than a fence can provide? Many privacy trees can grow quickly to heights of twenty feet or more, blocking the view from upper windows in neighboring homes.

Arbors and Other Landscaping Features

You can also create privacy with arbors, trellises and other landscaping features. Your landscaper can help you come up with innovative ideas to give you privacy while adding stunning accents to your landscape design.

Give you and your family some privacy when you are spending a lazy day by the pool or enjoying a backyard BBQ with friends. Use one or a combination of these privacy options to create your own personal oasis in your backyard.

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How to Achieve a Green, Lush Lawn

Are you envious of lush, green lawns you see in your neighborhood? It can be difficult to cultivate a healthy lawn. It takes the right soil, watering regimen, seeding and ongoing maintenance for a lawn to thrive. Here are some of the basics to obtaining a lush, thick lawn so your yard can become the jewel of the neighborhood.


Soil can be depleted from years of lawn growth. Adding fertilizer can feed your lawn, but you need to know what nutrients your soil is lacking for healthy grass. The best way to choose the correct fertilizer is to have your soil tested. You can do this yourself, or hire a landscaper to perform the testing and proper fertilizing for you.

Weed Control

Weeds not only take away from the beauty of your lawn, they steal the water and nutrients from your grass. You want to use pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicide to kill existing weeds and stop those in seed form from growing. This will help improve the health and beauty of your lawn.

Watering Habits

When the hottest days of summer arrive, watering is important. A good irrigation system can help ensure your lawn has the moisture it needs to thrive, even in the highest heat. You want to create a watering schedule that maintains an adequate moisture level in the soil, which is easiest achieved with an irrigation system.

If you were not born with a green thumb, leave your lawn care to the experts. Hire a professional landscaping company to maintain your lawn. They have the expertise to fertilize and control weeds, while providing the correct mowing, seeding and aeration needs to maintain a healthy lawn. You can enjoy the beauty of lush, green grass without all the hard work with the help of a quality landscaper.

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How Much Fertilizer Is Too Much?

You know your lawn and gardens need fertilizer to flourish. Soil becomes deleted of nutrients and need more added to benefit the plant life. Whether you just want a lush, green lawn or have gardens you want to nurture, fertilizing can help replenish lost minerals and help improve growth. But do you know how much fertilizer to add, what type you need or what frequency? Here is how to gauge the right fertilizing method to avoid doing too much.

Over-fertilizing can burn your plants and lawn, causing harm and even death to your beautiful plants. Overzealous DIY landscapers that want their landscaping to thrive may give their soil too much of a good thing. If you have added too much fertilizer, you may notice the plants begin to wilt or die. Some will actually look burnt – brown or black leaves that seem singed. If this happens, you need to react right away to save your plants.

The best way to remove excess fertilizer is to leach the soil with over-watering. This needs to be a sustained watering to flood the soil to remove excess fertilizer, without drowning your lawn or garden. To be effective, a constant sprinkler for a few hours every few days can help wash fertilizer to lower levels of the soil and away from plant roots.

To avoid over fertilizing, soil testing should be done before adding more. This will tell you what type of fertilizer you need and how much. Another option is to trust your fertilizing to a professional landscaper. They can test your soil and make your lawn and gardens are getting the right type and amount of fertilizer for the best results.

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Why You Should Always Check Your Landscaper’s Credentials

When it comes to hiring any contractor for work around your home, you want to know they can be trusted. Not only do you want the job done right, you also want to know that they can be trusted to work in and around your home. When hiring a landscaper, you should always check their credentials before you sign any contract to hire them for service. Here are a few excellent tips to consider before you hire a landscaper.

  • Are they local? This may sound strange, but contractors from out of town have been known to take down payments and never be seen again. Make sure your landscaper has a local address and phone number.
  • Do they have local testimonials? Ask for references and testimonials from the landscaper’s previous clients. If they are local, you may be able to see some of their work around the community. Also check reviews online to hear what their customers are saying about them.
  • How long have they been in business? There is nothing wrong with hiring a budding business, but make sure the crew and owner have experience in the landscaping industry.
  • Proper licenses and insurance. It is important to make sure your landscaper has been licensed and insured within the law. There are many landscapers that work “under the table” and are not licensed. Not only is this fraudulent, it also means they don’t insure they employees. If an employee is hurt on your property, you could be liable. Check for licensing and insurance before you hire.

Hiring a landscaper is more than just getting a good price for quality work. Make sure the company you hire can be trusted and has the right credentials before they start your landscape project.

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