Fall Clean Up for Your Yard

Spring may be time for deep cleaning the home and even your outdoor areas, but fall is another opportunity to spruce your property. After summer is gone and the vegetation changes seasons, it is important to perform a final clean up in your yard before winter. Here is a checklist to complete on your outdoor areas to ensure it is ready for the cooler months ahead.

Trim and Prune

Many shrubs, bushes and other perineal plants or trees need trimming to stay healthy and prevent overgrowth. Rose bushes and other shrubs need can be trimmed and pruned one last time before winter. This is a good time to remove any dead branches and limbs from trees and shrubs to reduce the mess and damage when winter storms roll in.

Rake and Remove Debris

Once the leaves have all fallen, raking away all your dead leaves, berries and other debris is important to keep your lawn healthy. If you have a compost area, this debris will help make fodder for fertilizer for spring. Otherwise you will need to haul away your debris to a local compost area or dump.

Mulch and Protect

Once the yard is cleaned up, you want to protect your plants and features. Perform winterizing on water features, irrigation and pools as needed. You will also want to add mulch around trees, bushes and shrubs to protect their roots during the winter months ahead.

Fall cleanup can be quite the chore. If you want to make it easier on yourself, contact a local landscaper for fall cleanup service. They can perform the needed maintenance and haul away your leaves and other debris, leaving your yard neat and ready for the winter ahead.

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Colorful Winter Landscaping for Mild Climates

Do you live in a warm or mild climate and want more color in your yard during the winter? While the southern states tend to have greener yards all year round than the northern states, brighter colors during the winter are harder to find. While colorful winter plants and trees are less common, there are some that can bring your landscaping to life. Here are a few ideas to brighten your yard during the cooler months of winter.


Want to bring beautiful flowers to your yard in the winter? Camellias are hardy, with pink or red blossoms. These grow up to ten-feet in height and like acidic, moist soil.


A tree with beautiful, bright green leaves and stunning red berries, the holly tree is a lovely addition to any yard. Be warned – holly loves company and will likely try to sprout new trees in your yard.

Witch Hazel

Add dots of yellow flowers and a medicinal plant with a witch hazel shrub. This shrub/small tree blooms in the late fall or early winter and is known for its astringent properties.

Firethorn (Pyracantha)

Another berry bush that does well in the winter is firethorn or pyracantha. This bush sprouts red or orange berries to add color to your landscaping and will feed the neighborhood birds as well.

Winter Jasmine

Cover a slope or a garden wall with crawling winter jasmine, offering delicate yellow flowers and light green foliage during the late winter.

Want more ideas of colorful plants to enhance your winter landscaping? Contact a local landscaper for suggestions on adding new plants to brighten your yard all year round.

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Add Value to Your Home with Professional Landscaping

There are many elements that contribute to your home’s value. Location, size and amenities all are important to sustaining and growing value in your home investment. While the structure and lot are the main factors, aesthetics play a role, including the landscaping surrounding your home. If you want to add value without major changes, hiring a professional landscaping service can benefit your investment.

Designing an Appealing Yard

There is more to creating a stunning backdrop to your home than just green grass and a few flowers or shrubs. Incredible homes have a landscape design that works with the structural aspects, natural features and style. This includes the lawn and plants, but also incorporates hardscapes like retaining walls, patios, walkways and focal features like ponds and waterfalls. A professional landscape design can make a significant difference when it comes to curb appeal and the beauty of the outdoor living spaces.

For those wanting to improve their home, the return on investment in landscaping can be worth the effort. More emphasis is put on the function and beauty of the outdoor areas when it comes to value. People want homes that look stylish and inviting from the outside, as well as contain the features they want inside. Landscaping can add that extra element that takes a home from average to amazing, adding to the overall value.

If you are considering selling your home in the next few years or just want to protect your investment, consider the benefits of hiring a professional landscape service to upgrade your outdoor areas. A professional landscape design can make help differentiate your home and make it stand out as a valuable property in your neighborhood.

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5 Interesting Additions for Your Landscape Design

A lush lawn and a flower bed are classic features for many homes, but lack creativity and uniqueness. If you want to enhance the style of your landscape design, consider adding focal features that can make your yard distinct and stylish. Here are five interesting options that can create the style for your yard that you desire.

  1. Wall water feature. Forget a fence for the border of your patio. Consider a wall of water that offers a glittering, cooling effect that will transform your outdoor living space.
  2. Towering fireplace. Make your patio the pinnacle of your home with a towering fireplace as a focal feature. Whether you chose natural stone, brick or bright tile, you can change the look of your outdoor space and add warmth and light to your nights.
  3. Artistic lighting. If you already have a fantastic landscape design, but it gets lost in the dark, invest in landscape lighting. Illuminate features and create dramatic shadows and effects with artistic lighting options.
  4. Ponds, bridges and water stepping stones. A pond is lovely, but to make it interesting, make a walkway over the walk. A classic bridge or natural stepping stones create a unique feature for your front or backyard.
  5. Sunken patios or walkways. Changing elevations can create depth and beauty in your yard. Dig down and create a stone-lined sunken patio or walkway that are intriguing features to add to your landscape design.

One unique feature can become the centerpiece of your landscaping and change the overall look of your outdoor space. Contact a professional landscaper that can help you find the right interesting focal point to add to your landscape design to upgrade your style.

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Building Beautiful Walkways for Your Home

Do you have an old cracked concrete sidewalks or a un-level paving stones for walkways to your home? Not only do old, deteriorating walkways look shabby, they can be a hazard and result in injuries. Why not replace your sidewalk or paths with stunning stone walkways for your home? Natural stone is a perfect material for walkways, adding beauty and value to your property.

Why use natural stone for your walkway? First and foremost, natural stone is one of the most durable options available for paving. Stones can last for decades – they are already hundreds, if not thousands, of years old. Secondly, natural stone is simple to maintain. And finally, there are few materials that add more aesthetic value to a home than natural stone, making it a fantastic choice for walkways, one of the first features visitors see when coming to your home.

Natural Stone Options for Walkways

When it comes to natural paving stones for walkways, you have many options that are available. Some of the stones to consider include:

  • Travertine
  • Marble
  • Bluestone
  • Granite
  • Sandstone
  • Flagstone

These stones come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and textures to match your style and tastes. Some are pre-formed or cut into uniform shapes; others like flagstone can be purchased in natural shapes. Whether you want a country or classic look or a more modern style, there is a natural stone option that is perfect for your new walkways.

Upgrade your walkways with natural stone and see the difference it makes for the aesthetics and safety of your home. Contact your local hardscape landscaper to get started on your natural stone walkway project.

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Should You Have Landscaping Service During the Winter?

In warmer regions of the country, lawn care can be a year-round activity. While there is less maintenance during the winter months, landscaping does require care if you want your yard to look presentable. However, many people stop their landscaping service during the winter months to save a little money. If you are one of these people, you may want to consider opting for year-round service – here are a few reasons why.

Keep Your Yard Tidy

Even if the grass doesn’t need mowing and it is not time to prune, landscapers will still keep your yard looking neat. Raking and yard clean-up are needed year-round, especially during the winter. Having your landscaper still make the rounds will keep your yard tidy and looking nice all winter.

Weed Control and Overgrowth

Even when grass and some plants go into dormant stages, there are still weeds and other plants that continue to thrive during the winter. Your landscape service can ensure that weeds are pulled, and overgrowth is trimmed back to maintain your yard.

Better Pricing

You may get a better deal on your landscaping service if you sign a year-long contract. It may not cost much more to have year-round service versus a shorter contract, making it worth the little extra to keep your lawn maintained.

Early Springs, Late Falls

If you have year-round service, you do not need to worry about whether you will need lawn care later due to a long fall or earlier due to an early spring. Your landscaper will be there to care for your landscaping regardless of the weather changes.

Talk to your landscaping company about the benefits of having service through all four seasons, including the winter. It may be worth the investment.

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Does Your Landscaper Use Subcontractors?

When you are planning a major landscaping project, you want to find the best landscaper for the job. You check their credentials and references to make sure you have a qualified professional to install your new retaining wall, patio, garden pond or other landscaping project. However, when the day arrives for the project to begin, the crew that shows up is not from the same company – they are subcontractors.

Many landscaping companies will hire a subcontractor to handle projects when they are too busy or when the project is not in their area of expertise. This does not necessarily mean you will receive lower quality of work, but it is misleading. You hired a specific company based on their reputation and credentials, yet another company is doing the job.

Why to Hire Direct

Before you schedule your next big landscaping project, make sure the company you hire will be doing the job themselves. You want to hire direct to avoid issues down the road. When vetting your landscaper, ask if they use subcontractors and specify that you will only work with a direct supplier. This cuts out the middleman, which can save money. Also, ensure they guarantee their work and will stand behind their quality. If there is a problem a few weeks or months down the road, you can work directly with the same landscaper to have the issue resolved instead of hunting down a subcontractor.

Whenever you are hiring a landscaping company, ask if they perform all their own services or if they use subcontractors. It is best to hire direct to ensure you know who will be working on your property for peace of mind.

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5 Reasons to Consider Artificial Turf for Your Lawn

If you still think artificial turf is a prickly green carpet, you have not experienced the new options in this landscaping wonder grass. It is not a bright green plastic mat – the individual leaves of grass can be customized to resemble almost any types of grass imaginable and looks very natural. Many homeowners are switching to artificial turf for their lawns and here are five reasons why:

  1. Looks perfect year-round. Artificial turf is always green and never needs watering. Sun, rain or snow, your lawn will always be perfect in any season. Artificial turf is safe for pets and children, a wonderful solution to stop yellow urine lawn spots from dogs.
  2. No maintenance. The grass of artificial turf does not need mowing, watering, seeding or fertilizing. You will not need to aerate in the spring or do any maintenance to the grass at all. Besides raking the leaves off your perfect grass, you will be free from lawn maintenance while you own artificial turf.
  3. Soft and natural. There are dozens of different types of artificial grasses and turfs to choose from and each with its own features. Some are softer to the touch, while others are meant to hold up in high traffic areas.
  4. Eco-friendly. Believe it or not, artificial turf can be every eco-friendly. Consider the amount of water you can save without irrigation for your lawn; plus, no more harmful chemicals to fight weeds and pests.
  5. Cost-effective. Owning natural grass is expensive – both in time and money. Artificial turf negates the need for watering, lawn equipment, maintenance supplies and many other lawn costs.

If you are tired of fussing over your lawn and want a low-maintenance replacement, contact a local landscaper that offers artificial turf installations to explore the options.

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5 Benefits of Land Grading

Uneven areas around your home can cause problems or make new projects problematic. Trying to level ground with a shovel and rake can be backbreaking work and is difficult to achieve. Land grading with a professional bobcat service from a landscaper can accomplish the results you desire. Consider these five benefits of land grading.

  1. Create an even surface for paving. If you want to add a new patio or driveway, it is much easier when the area is graded. Bobcat land grading can quickly remove excess soil and ensure the area is completely even for better results.
  2. Faster and more efficient. Do you have a project you want done over a weekend? Don’t spend a whole day manually leveling land when a bobcat service can complete it in a few hours.
  3. Create better drainage. Want a slight slope to direct water away from your home? Land grading can create a slope for better drainage on your property.
  4. Sod preparation. Planning to install sod for a new lawn? Land grading can create the level area you need for your new sod without holes or uneven bumps.
  5. Reshape cleared land. Are you expanding your yard or creating a garden? If you have recently cleared land of trees, bushes or plants, use land grading to reshape the soil into a even, useable area.

Bobcat services can make land grading quick and easy, with better results than manual options. For your next project where you need leveling of land, contact a landscape company that offers bobcat services. It is more efficient and can save strain on your body while offering better results for your needs.

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Warm Up Your Outdoor Winter Space

Does your patio become desolate during the winter? Spring, summer and fall can find your backyard and patio filled with friends and family, but in winter, everyone stays indoors. If you live in an area with mild winters, you can make your outdoor living space open for all seasons. Add a new fireplace to warm up your outdoor area for year-round enjoyment.

Full Fireplace

One of the popular trends for patios is a full fireplace, similar to what you would have in a living room. A flagstone or fieldstone fireplace can create a gorgeous addition to your outdoor space while providing a cozy area to enjoy during the cooler months. You can have a one-sided or two-sided fireplace, depending on where it is located and the size of your patio. A full fireplace tends to become a focal feature and you are bound to receive many compliments on your new patio addition.

Fire Pits

Want a smaller-sized fire feature? Fire pits are easier to fit on smaller patios and can be installed almost anywhere. They are cozy for gathering a few friends around on a cool night or even on a crisp winter day. A fire pit can be rustic with a “camp-like” quality with natural stone or you can have your designer create a more modern or contemporary design with cement or metal. Either option give you a warm place to huddle around while adding flickering light to your patio area.

Don’t spend another winter ignoring your patio and hiding indoors. Talk to your local hardscape landscaper to discuss the options for adding a fireplace or fire pit to your outdoor winter space.

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