What are the Benefits of Lawn Aeration?

Compacted soil can suffocate the roots of your grass and affect the health of your lawn. If your lawn has struggled to flourish, it may be due to soil compaction. One way to keep your grass healthy is with routine core aeration of your lawn. This can help loosen the soil and improve the health of your lawn. Here are some of the main benefits of lawn aeration:

  • Loosen compacted or dense soil. When soil is compacted or is a dense variety like clay, water, air and nutrients can have trouble reaching the grass roots. Aeration can create holes in the soil to allow the needed elements to reach the roots.
  • Perforate thick thatch. If there is a thick thatch covering the ground, it can limit the water and nutrients that can reach the soil. Aeration breaks up thatch to allow penetration to the soil.
  • Reduce water, seeding and fertilizer loss. If water is running off your lawn instead of penetrating the soil, anything you add to your lawn can be whisked away. Seeding, fertilizer and weed control agents may be running off your lawn with your water. Aeration can ensure your lawn treatments are more effective.
  • Reduce irrigation costs. If water is not soaking into the soil on your lawn, you will need to water more often. Core aeration can reduce the frequency of watering and the cost of irrigation.

Core aeration can be performed once a year or every few years to help keep your lawn healthy. Quality landscapers can complete this service using the right equipment, giving your grass access to the water, air and nutrients it needs to flourish.

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5 Ways to Use Trees for Privacy

Fences and trellises are common barriers used to create privacy around homes, but there is another, natural options. Trees can offer a beautiful way to create private areas in your outdoor living spaces. Here are five ways to use trees as privacy screens for your home.

  1. In lieu of a fence. Privacy trees can be used instead of fence to block the view of neighbors and others outside your home. Over a few years, privacy trees can grow several feet in height and width, providing a solid green, natural fence.
  2. In addition to a fence. Building codes can enforce a lower fence height, but you can use trees to give you additional privacy. Planting trees near your fence line can add a higher privacy screen above the top of your fence.
  3. Sectioning a yard. You can create separate areas and sections in your yard with a line of hedges or privacy trees.
  4. Privacy for spas or pools. Strategically placed privacy trees or shrubs can give your hot tub or pool privacy, blocking views for a secluded experience.
  5. Block windows. You want windows to allow in light, but you may not want to allow people to see inside. Privacy trees can create barriers outside of windows to make it difficult for others to see inside your home or garage, but still letting in natural light.

Trees can offer some valuable benefits to your property, including helping with security, shade, privacy and improving curb appeal. Talk to your local landscaper to discuss different tree options to create the privacy screen you desire and for quick, professional installation.

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Enhance Your Home’s Entrance with Stone Pillars

If you want to create an elegant entrance for your home, stone pillars can be an excellent choice. Natural stone or brick pillars are a classic adornment for any gate or entrance, whether it is to your yard or driveway. Here are some ideas on how to use stone pillars to enhance the front of your home, adding value and beauty.

Solid Brick Pillars

Brick has a classic appeal. Solid brick pillars are a gorgeous and sturdy option to adorn your entrances. You can expect these pillars to last for decades and give your home improved curb appeal. You can add house numbers, initials and other placards for a personalized look.

Stone Paver Pillars

Pavers are another option for building stunning pillars for your driveway entrance or as bookends for your yard gate. Pavers come in many varieties, from man-made concrete pavers to natural stone options. Rustic pillars can be made from river rock or fieldstone, or use pavers made from flagstone, travertine or marble. There are unlimited options to match your style and desired appearance.

Faux Natural Stone

Solid stone pillars can be expensive to build. Another option is pillars that have a faux stone covering. This can create the style you desire for a much smaller price tag. There are pre-made column options, or wooden pillars can be built and covered with stone veneer.

If you love the idea of adding stone pillars to your front entrance, consult a hardscape expert. Many quality landscapers offer hardscape services, including building stone pillars to enhance your entrance. These gorgeous additions can create a unique look for your home, welcoming your guests in style.

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Planning for Spring Mulch Installation

Spring is the time for many once-a-year landscaping projects. New flowers can be planted, trees can be pruned and your lawn can be aerated or seeded. Another project you want to add to your spring landscaping to-do list is mulching. Spring is the perfect time to add mulching to protect your landscaping from unwanted weeds and help with moisture loss prevention.

What Mulch Type is Best?

Mulch can be many different materials. It can be plant clippings, bark, pine straw, wood shavings or even rock. The right mulch depends on where you are using it and what you want to achieve. Organic mulches like bark, wood shavings and pine straw can have the benefit of adding nutrients to the soil as they decompose. Rock and gravel do not add nutrients, but also does not decompose or need replacement as often.

To determine the best mulch for your landscaping, discuss the options with your local landscaper. Many quality landscape companies will deliver and install mulch. They can help you decide which will work best in different areas. You may want pine straw for sloped areas as it is less likely to wash or blow away and bark around your tree roots. Rock can look beautiful and give your landscaping a clean appearance. Professional mulch installation can make your yard look neat and tidy while preventing weeds and moisture loss.

As soon as your planting is done, schedule your mulch installation. You will want your mulch in place as soon as possible to stop weeds before they begin sprouting up around your shrubs, flowers and other plants. Most mulch only needs to be added once a year, helping protect your landscaping until next spring.

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5 Landscape Features for an Elegant Front Yard

When you want to transform your yard from average to exceptional, adding certain landscape features can make the difference. The right focal piece can balance the design and bring a little elegance to your yard. Consider these five landscape features to give your front yard and home extra curb appeal.

Flagstone Walkway

One of the hottest trends right now in landscaping is flagstone. Give your front yard a stunning feature that is both functional and beautiful. Add a new flagstone walkway or courtyard for a stylish entrance for your guests.

Raised, Natural Stone Flowerbed

Combine color and the beauty of natural stone with a raised flower bed. Natural stone retaining walls can be used to create a stunning centerpiece for your front yard, enclosing a gorgeous flower garden.

Water Features

Bring sparkle and movement to the front of your home with a classic water fountain. Or, create a moat around your castle with a bubbling brook or cascading waterfall. Water features are a great way to add an interesting focal point to any landscape design.

Pillars, Columns or Arbor Entrances

Nothing says elegance better than pillars or columns for your home’s entrances. For a more classic style, arbors can be an inviting addition to your front gate.

Hedges or Topiary

Meticulously trimmed and shaped hedges and topiary are a regal statement for your home. While they do require more maintenance, these features can help make your front yard landscaping unique.

For more ideas on how to add elegant features to your landscape design, consult a local landscape company that offers hardscape and water feature installation. You can find the right option to update and improve your home’s front yard.

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Top 5 Single-Time Landscaping Services

You don’t need to have ongoing lawn care service to benefit from hiring a landscaper. Even if you per to mow and maintain your own lawn, there are times when using a landscaping service can have its advantages. Many landscapers offer one-time services that can come in handy for homeowners. Here are the top five single-time landscaping services used by homeowners.

  1. Yard clean-up. When a storm hits and leaves your yard a mess, call your local landscaping service. They can come remove branches and other debris, hauling it away for you.
  2. Retaining walls. Need to stop erosion on a hill or slope on your property? Hire a landscaper to install a retaining wall to secure a slope and edge your landscape. Many also can install other types of hardscapes, like patios, decks, fire pits and more.
  3. Privacy trees. Want to create a screen for privacy without a fence? Many landscapers offer privacy tree planting to create a natural barrier between your property and prying eyes.
  4. Irrigation. Add a new irrigation system and make sure it is installed correctly. Landscapers can professionally install irrigation systems and find the right option for your needs.
  5. Aeration, seeding and sod. When your lawn needs help and you are not sure what will give you the lush grass you desire, consult a landscaper. They can provide one-time services such as aeration, over-seeding or new sod to improve the health of your lawn.

Many landscaping services do much more than just lawn maintenance, including installing hardscapes, planting and landscape design. When you need help with a landscaping project, consider hiring a landscaper that has the knowledge and equipment needed. It can save time and ensure your project is done right.

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Landscaping a Sloped Front Yard

If your home sits atop a steep slope or hill, your front yard may be difficult to landscape. The traditional lush lawn and hedges will not work well on a hill, requiring more creative options for your front yard. Here are some ideas to make the most of your sloped front yard, creating a look that is beautiful and easy to maintain.

Retaining Walls for a Terraced Entrance

To make the hill easier to landscape, consider adding retaining walls to break up the hill and create terraces for planting. This can create a gorgeous entrance to your home and add to the curb appeal with floating gardens.

Forego the Groundcover

Forget using grass or ground cover for a steeply sloped front yard – it is likely to erode and difficult to maintain. Instead, you can plant shrubs, tall grasses and interesting plants spotted over the slope, along with boulders to cover the hillside.

Stunning Stairs

If you want a walkway from the street level, you will need a safe stairway for your guests. There are many options, from natural stone steps made from flagstone to a sturdy wooden stairway with handrails to create a passable walkway up the hill.

Rocks and Waterfalls

Skip the plants and adorn your front yard hill with granite or other stone work if it matches the style of your home. You can even add a waterfall that uses gravity to trickle down your hillside for a stunning front yard statement.

Landscaping steep slopes and hills can be tricky, but if done right, you will have a unique front yard for your home. To find the best landscaping design for your sloped front yard, consult a local landscaping professional to explore all the options.

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Basic Dimensions for Your Outdoor Projects

Dimensions are the basic numbers you need before starting any major outdoor project. Whether you are designing a driveway, sidewalk, retaining wall or pond, you need to know the correct dimensions to begin buying materials and outlining your installation. Here are some basic dimensions to help you with some common outdoor projects to ensure you get started on the right foot.

Driveways and Entry Gates

How wide should your driveway be and how much space do you need for an entry gate? It may depend on your needs. Here are some of the typical widths for driveways and entry gates:

  • Single car driveways should be about 9-12 feet wide
  • Double car driveways should be about 20-24 feet wide
  • Entry gates should be at least 32 feet wide
  • Parking stalls should be 10’ x 20’

Retaining Walls

If you are building a retaining wall to secure a hillside, standard size is usually 3-4 feet in height. This can include about 6” of paver or rock for the front façade and about 12” of compacted backfill in between the façade and native soil.


You want to make sure garden or koi ponds are deep enough to prevent freezing and can sustain fish. Most will need to be at least 3 feet deep to accomplish these goals.


When building walkways, you want to ensure they are wide enough to comfortably accommodate foot traffic. Walkways should always be at least 18” wide, with 24-30” as a standard width for a single person, 36-48” for flagstone or double-wide paths.

Knowing the right dimensions is important to ensure your project is functional. Your local landscaper can help you determine the best sizes for your needs if you need to go larger than the standard dimensions.

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Lawn Care for Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is popular for lawns as it offers a beautiful, lush lawn that is hearty and resilient. However, even though it is known for being drought-tolerant and able to handle moderate traffic, it does require special care. If you know how to care for your Bermuda grass, you will get better results from your lawn. Here are some tips to care for your Bermuda grass to keep it looking spectacular.

Mowing Specifications

To keep your Bermuda grass healthy, you want to maintain the right mowing schedule and techniques. Grasses vary on how they respond to mowing, so knowing the right cutting methods for Bermuda grasses can help you get the best results. Grass blades should be kept about 1 ½ to 2 ½ inches in height, mowing frequently. You should never allow the grass to get too long where you need to cut more than a third of the blade. Bagging is not usually required due to the frequent cutting.

Watering Needs

Bermuda grass does not need too much water – overwatering can be detrimental to the growth. Instead, complete a thorough watering once a week, allowing the soil to become saturated about six inches deep. Then, only irrigate as needed.

Fertilizing and Weed Control

Use a nitrogen fertilizer for your Bermuda grass throughout the growing season. For weed control, use pre-emergent herbicides in the spring to protect your lawn, but avoid using herbicides more than three times per season.

Tailoring your lawn care to your grass type is important. One of the benefits of hiring a professional lawn care service is having an expert to provide the right care for your lawn. If you want the best lawn care for your Bermuda grass, considering hiring a pro for your lawn maintenance.

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Ideas for Low Maintenance Landscaping

You do not need elaborate, time-consuming landscaping to have a beautiful yard. There are many ways to create a gorgeous outdoor area without needing to spend several hours each week doing lawn care and maintenance. Here are some ideas for low maintenance landscaping and outdoor spaces that are functional and fabulous.

Paved Areas

No one said you must have a lawn. There are plenty of other options for your front and backyard besides grass. Paved courtyards and patios can be stunning and look great all year round without needing to seed, mow or water. You can still add potted plants for natural accents that require much less maintenance than landscaped yards.

Trees and Wild Plants

If you want green foliage and color, but do not want to spend time trimming, watering and weeding, consider plants that require little maintenance. Trees, some shrubs and wild or native plants can be sparsely planted throughout the yard to give beauty without needing much care.

Rock Gardens, Meadow Planting and Other Eco-Friendly Options

Want a low-maintenance yard that is also eco-friendly? There are several ways to reduce the amount of water you need and the time you spend on maintenance. Rock gardens, xeriscaping and meadow planting can create a beautiful landscape design that requires very little water and minimal effort to maintain.

Hire a Landscaping Service

You can have a traditional lawn and garden areas without spending your free time doing yardwork. Hiring a landscaping service gives you the best of both worlds. You can have a lush lawn that is expertly maintained, hardscapes and other elements that you can enjoy while a professional does all the work for you.

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