Enhancing Your Landscape with a Patio

Published on: December 31, 2013

In addition to boosting the value of your property by increasing curb appeal, a high-end landscaping design can also provide your household with a valuable outdoor living space for entertaining and family enjoyment. When landscaping designs are geared primarily towards increasing the livability of outdoor areas, patios become something akin to the floor of your outdoor room. Ideally, a patio will seamlessly connect your landscaping design and the exterior of your home, complementing both the architectural design of existing structures and landscaping.

There is a staggering array of materials available to homeowners in search of the perfect patio, from simple solutions like poured concrete to the most intricate interlocking paver patios. There’s more to the perfect patio than materials, however. When you’re devising a landscaping plan which includes the building of a patio, there are several things you should consider in order to ensure a great fit.

First, think about the line of sight to your chosen patio location from the street and the properties of your neighbors. Whether your primary goal is to establish an area which can be easily seen by passersby or one with a bit more privacy, you’ll need to consider the visibility of the area from high-traffic locations. Those seeking privacy may want to consider the inclusion of barriers and low walls. Your sun preference should also be taken into account; if you want partial shade, you may require an awning or covered area. Be sure, also, to take accessibility into account, especially if a member of the household has mobility issues.

Discuss your ideal patio design with a landscaping professional in your area to come up with the most effective and aesthetically pleasing solution. Together, you’ll be able to create a patio and landscaping design that’s the envy of the neighborhood, as well as a functional extension of your living space.

Posted of behalf of Troy Ogrin, Maxwell Hardscapes


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