Sprinkler Irrigation System Repair

Published on: March 1, 2012

As with any system you install, your lawn irrigation system does require maintenance and occasional repairs. General maintenance is usually scheduled bi-annually, once before and once after cold weather that could potentially drop below the freezing point. This includes the draining and blow-out of the pipes throughout the sprinkler system so that no water is left in them that could freeze and damage the system during cold weather, and then, the startup of the system again when warm weather returns.

Along with this general maintenance, an inspection of your sprinkler system should be done to locate any damaged sprinkler heads that may have been damaged before the initial startup of the system for the season. Replacement of sprinkler heads is the most common repair done on lawn sprinkler systems. Heads are occasionally damaged by a lawn mower or another type of vehicle driving onto your lawn. Most irrigation installers and landscapers carry a variety of sprinkler heads in stock in order to accommodate these repairs.

The other common type of repair to a sprinkler system is the repair of a damaged sprinkler line. This can result from any type of digging or puncture into the ground, such as aerating of the lawn. Having a general layout of the sprinkler system available prior to these types of activities can help eliminate these types of damages, but errors still can happen. This type of irrigation sprinkler repair is quite a bit more extensive in scope. The broken pipeline must be located and dug up in order to be repaired.

Regardless of the types of repairs being done, a simple head replacement or the repair of a broken sprinkler line, it is important that qualified professionals perform these tasks and use the same brand of parts as were used on the original system.

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