Choosing the Right Irrigation System Installation for Your Yard

Published on: May 1, 2015

Adding an irrigation system can help you maintain a beautiful green lawn, even during those dry weeks in mid-summer when there isn’t a rain cloud in sight. Although it is a great way to maintain your lawn, it is important to choose the right layout and installation process to meet your needs and protect your existing landscaping.

Proper Installation of Your Irrigation System

Regardless of the type or brand of irrigation system you choose, if it is not properly installed it may not function at peak performance. There are several factors to consider before your system is installed to ensure you get the most out of your new irrigation system:

  • Watering needs. Every yard and lawn is different, making it essential to have a professionally designed layout for your irrigation needs. Consider what areas will get the most benefit from regular irrigation versus plants and shaded areas that will need less water.
  • Sensors. As part of your installation, having rain sensors installed can help manage your watering needs. You do not want to waste water during rainy days or over-water your lawn.
  • Valves. Talk to your irrigation installer about what valves will be needed for optimum performance for your irrigation system, including master and PVC valves.
  • Trenches. Choose an irrigation installer that offers to carefully dig trenches for your new system. Hand digging can ensure that trenches do not disturb existing landscaping versus machined trenches.

To get the best irrigation system for your lawn, first find a qualified landscaping professional that specializes in careful and meticulous installation of their systems. A great irrigation system starts with expert installation that will work best for your home and yard.

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