Sprinkler Irrigation System Design

Published on: August 1, 2013

The key to an effective residential or commercial sprinkler irrigation system is the initial design.  While it may appear that sprinkler heads are randomly located throughout the property, it could not be further from the truth when a professional landscaper or irrigation contractor designs and installs the system!  The design will provide a complete system that provides sufficient coverage and the proper amount of water to existing planting, and turf areas through the use of different zones and different types of sprinkler heads.

The first thing that a professional irrigation contractor will do when surveying a property for an irrigation system will be to examine the types of landscaping in place, paying particular attention to the species of plants being used in the planting areas, as well as the turf in place.  While all plants need water, the amount of water needed can vary greatly as too much water can be just as detrimental to plants and turf as too little water.  The use of zones, as well as specialized irrigation heads, allow the amount of water in these areas to be regulated.  During the inspection, the landscape contractor will be taking measurements and a copious amount of notes.  In addition, the designer will ask about future landscaping plans so that the initial design can incorporate provisions for future expansion.

After the survey is complete, the irrigation system designer will prepare scale drawings showing the building, as well as driveways, parking areas, sidewalks turf areas and planting beds.  The designer will identify the different zones, pipe size and irrigation head type and location on the plan based upon their survey results.  In addition, the location of the backflow preventer and control panel will be detailed as well.  This results in an irrigation system that provides sufficient coverage and the right amount of water to both turf and planting areas in the most efficient and cost effective method!

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