Protect Your Landscape, Solve Your Drainage Problems

Published on: June 7, 2013

Having a drainage problem can cause the erosion of your lawn and property.

Without proper drainage, the pressure and force of water can cut into your landscape, leaving undesirable puddles of water. Furthermore, erosion can cause water to flow towards your house instead of away. The result can be water or moisture in your basement or crawl space, and possibly mold.

Other drainage problems include:

  •  The ruin of delicate plants such as perennials
  •  The oversaturation of plants, placing them at risk for fungus
  •  The displacement of rock and mulch
  •  The erosion of soil due to the down pours from your gutters

The harsh reality is that few contractors and engineers put adequate thought into making sure that water properly flows away from your home.  More often, their focus and attention are on ensuring water drains off your roof. And, while it’s important to get water off your roof, poorly planned drainage systems don’t prevent the downpour of water from damaging your landscape or yard.

Drainage Solutions

Drainage solutions carry away rainwater from your landscape and property. Whenever you’re planning the new construction of property, always ensure proper drainage solutions are installed. You can also solve your drainage problems during landscape renovations and installations.

For some drainage problems, the solution requires adding a special pipe to the exit-end of guttering, and then trenching it underground to a location that’s suitable for drainage water.

Solving Your Drainage Problems

Adding drainage solutions to your home and property requires a tiny investment that yields huge long-term benefits.  If you have drainage problems, a landscaping and drainage specialist is your solution. Solve your drainage problem before it starts. Be proactive. Contact a specialist.

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