5 Options for Drainage Control

Published on: January 17, 2017

Excess water on your property and around your home can cause extensive damage that can cost you thousands of dollars. Drainage control is the best way to protect your investment in your home and property from erosion, basement leaks and foundation corrosion. Here are five cost-effective options to reduce water pooling and drainage issues on your property.

  1. Retaining walls. If you have slopes or hills on your property, retaining walls are a beautiful and functional options to prevent erosion from poor drainage. Prevent mud slides and other property damage while creating a useful area for landscaping.
  2. French drains. Divert pooling water from your yard and away from your home using French drains. These small pipes whisk water away to a more appropriate destination.
  3. Leveling. In some cases, changing the level of the soil in your yard is the best way to keep water from flowing toward your home.
  4. Dry creek beds. A beautiful way to give water a place to go is with dry creek beds. When created with aesthetically-pleasing rivers rocks, this can enhance your landscaping while providing a valuable drainage solution.
  5. Drainage ditch. An affordable option for upgrading your drainage on your property is creating a drainage ditch for water run-off. Having a lower area that attracts excess water is often all you need to avoid costly flooding issues.

Not sure which drainage option is best for your property? Consult an experienced landscaping company that offers multiple drainage solutions to determine which will best meet your needs. It is worth the investment to prevent flooding, erosion, water and mold damage that can cost much more than implementing the right drainage option.

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