5 Dangers of Poor Drainage in Your Yard

Published on: January 21, 2019

Proper drainage in your yard is vital for healthy landscaping, but more than benefits, it can eliminate dangers to your property. If you have pooling or soggy spots in your yard, you can be in for a rude awakening if it is not addressed. Here are five dangers of poor drainage that can impact your property and home.

  1. Lawn development. Grass needs moisture, but too much can ruin a lawn. You can drown grass and invite weeds that can impact the beauty of your lawn.
  2. Landscaping. Same as your lawn, your trees, shrubs and gardens can be impacted by too much water. Expensive landscaping can be destroyed without the right drainage.
  3. Hardscapes. Do you have a stone patio, retaining wall or other hardscapes? Wet soil can allow sinking of pavers and create erosion that can be detrimental to hardscapes, costing plenty in needed repairs or replacement.
  4. Home foundation. The biggest danger of poor drainage in your yard is damage to your home’s foundation. Too much water can cause foundation damage, erosion and settling that can cost several thousand dollars to repair.
  5. Basement leaks. Seeping water into your home can cause mold and water damage in your basement, another large expense for homeowners.

Drainage solutions are available, from French drains and dry creek beds, to leveling and grading your yard. The cost of poor drainage can be much more than the investment to install the right solutions to manage water levels on your property. Contact a professional landscaper to discuss the best drainage option to protect your home and property from the dangers of high water levels.

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