Finding the Right Drainage Solution for Your Yard

Published on: June 11, 2017

Do you have an area in your yard that becomes a small lake every time there is a heavy rain? While it may dissipate quickly once the sun comes back out, this can lead to issues for your home and property. Every time water accumulates in one spot, it can be causing further erosion to the area, making the area more prone to collecting water. Don’t let a small drainage issue get out of hand. Find the right drainage solution to stop mini lakes from appearing in your yard.

There are many different ways to divert excess rainwater from pooling in the wrong places. Most likely you have a small slope or grade that is allowing water to settle in one place. Before it ruins your lawn or begins seeping toward your home’s foundation, consider implementing one of these drainage solutions:

  • French drain. Installing a French drain can diver the excess water from your lawn to a more appropriate area. This gives you control of where the water will go.
  • Changing the grade. If you have a slope that is creating a dip for water accumulation, having the grade changed can resolve the problem.
  • Add a dry creek bed. A functional and beautiful drainage option is creating a dry creek bed from river stones for the water to flow into.
  • Drainage ditches and basins. Sometimes you just need a new place for the water to go. Creating a lower area like a drainage ditch or basin will attract water away from your yard.

To find out the right option for your yard, call a local landscaper that offers drainage solutions. They can inspect your drainage issue and give you advice on how to proceed, as well as install your drainage option for you.

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