Landscaping Techniques To Keep Pests Away

Published on: August 1, 2014

A beautifully landscaped yard is always attractive; in fact, it can also be quite attractive to many pests which most homeowners and businesses don’t want flocking to their property. From ants to rodents, there are many pests which can become a nuisance in your yard, and eventually inside your building or home, if you are not careful to keep them at bay. Instead of waiting until you have an infestation, be proactive and consider these landscaping techniques to keep pests away.

Trees Near Buildings

Keep in mind that trees and shrubs make great highways for pests. When planting new trees or shrubs near buildings, consider the span of the tree or shrub once it is full grown. You don’t want the branches touching your structure, giving pests like ants, rodents and termites a way to easily travel to your building. Regularly trim back tree branches which are close to walls and the roof.

Pooling Water

If you have areas in your yard where water tends to pool after a heavy rain or watering, talk to your landscaper about drainage solutions to eliminate standing water in that area. Pooling water can attract many pests, including the annoying and painful mosquito. It only takes five days for a mosquito to breed and hatch a whole swarm into your yard.

Pest Treatments

There are many effective pest treatments which are used by professional landscapers to keep pests away. An experienced landscaper can apply these treatments at the best times of the year to ensure they are effective, and a minimal amount of chemicals will be required.

Being proactive is the best way to avoid a pest problem. Talk to your local landscaper to discuss ways to keep your yard and home free of harmful pests.

Posted of behalf of Troy Ogrin, Maxwell Hardscapes


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