Drainage Solutions To Protect Your Landscaping And Property

Published on: September 28, 2014

In regions with heavy precipitation, proper drainage is important to ensure homeowners are not plagued by erosion and water damage. Especially on properties with hills and slopes, it is important to have a solid drainage system to divert water into areas which will not ruin landscaping or pool around the home’s foundation. There are several solutions to ensure that your property is well-equipped for heavy rains and snow melt. 

Implementing A Drainage Solution

The best time to implement your drainage system is when you first begin landscaping your property. However, you can still install drainage after the fact with the help of your landscaping professional. If you just bought your home or have recently become aware of drainage issues, talk to your landscaper about using one of these solutions: 

  • Dry creek bed. A rock or dry creek bed can be an attractive solution to divert water while adding a rustic appeal to your property.
  • Creating slopes. It may be necessary to build up areas with added dirt to create a slope, which will keep water flowing away from certain landscaping areas or the house foundation.
  • Underground drainage. On properties with extreme drainage problems, it may be necessary to install underground piping or a french drain to move water away from the home and delicate landscaping. 

Drainage problems can drown plants, create mold and even cause damage to your home. If you have drainage issues, call your local landscaper to discuss solutions which will address the problem. It may be as simple as adding sand or dirt; however, it is best to have a professional opinion on what options will work best for your property terrain and regional weather.

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