Are Drainage Problems Ruining Your Yard?

Published on: March 13, 2016

Does a major storm mean a muddy mess in your yard? If you have drainage issues, you are probably fed up with too much water ruining your lawn and landscaping. However, it is not just your yard that can suffer from drainage issues. Poor drainage can damage your home and cause erosion issues that can devalue your property. It is time to resolve those water issues for good with the right drainage solution.

Drainage Solutions

There are several ways you can effectively manage the water accumulation on your property using one or more drainage options. However, each situation is different and you will want one that will best meet your drainage needs. Some solutions to consider include:

  • French drains. Piping can be installed under your lawn to direct water away from your home and landscaping to a proper drainage area. Water is usually directed to a drainage ditch or other safe area.
  • Dry creek beds. A dry creek bed can be installed in your lawn to allow a sloped area for water to collect during heavy precipitation. These can also be an attractive addition to your landscaping when designed and installed by a professional landscaper.
  • Property changes. In some cases, proper drainage will require changes to your property in the form of soil leveling, retaining walls or adding catch basins or drainage ditches. These can fix drainage issues and stop unnecessary erosion to your property.

To find out which solution is best to fix your drainage problem, call your local landscape contractor that offers drainage services. Your contractor can evaluate your property and offer the best options to allow for proper drainage to save your yard and protect your property.

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