Use Retaining Walls To Curb Winter Erosion

Published on: October 12, 2014

No matter where you live in the country, winters tend to bring in plenty of moisture. Rain or snow, the wet weather can create run-off which can cause erosion around any sloping areas of your lawn. Not only can this make a mess of your landscaping, it can also cause larger problems which can even affect your home. A beautiful and effective solution is to add a retaining wall to stabilize the earth around your home before the wet winter weather hits. 

Erecting A Retaining Wall For Erosion Control

A retaining wall can add support to the lower end of a slope or hill, often preventing the top layer of earth from sliding down the incline. This can protect your lawn or other landscaping at the bottom of the slope from mud and earth, or even your home. Retaining walls can be made from a variety of materials, depending on how much support you need and the look you want to create. For erosion, some of the best options include: 

  • Natural stone. Large stones can make an excellent and attractive retaining wall without the need for mortar. Called a gravity wall, the weight of the stones keeps the wall in place.
  • Mortar wall. Bricks, stones or pavers can be stacked together with mortar to hold them in place for a sturdy retaining wall.
  • Landscape timbers. For slight slopes, landscape timbers can be used for a retaining wall. Rebar is often used to hold the timbers in place. 

Adding a retaining wall does take some expert planning to ensure it will curb the erosion problem. Your local landscaper can offer solutions for your erosion issue, and also can install your new retaining wall.

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