Poor Water Drainage Solutions

Published on: December 5, 2014

Heavy rains can cause a host of problems on your property. If your property isn’t draining properly, the excess water can pool and become a nuisance. Too must water can destroy lawns, kill certain plants and become a breeding ground for insects. However, there are many solutions available to correct poorly draining properties.

Finding the Right Drainage Solution

Each property with draining problems is different, requiring creative solutions. Depending on the landscape of the property, there may be one of many different options available to deter water pooling. The options will depend on the slopes on the property, plus areas that need to be avoided. Some of the common solutions for drainage include:

  • Leveling. For pooling problems, sometimes all that’s needed is leveling of the earth to allow natural runoff.
  • French drains. Another option is installing French drains, which disperse the water away from the home and landscaping to allow drainage.
  • Retaining walls. For sloped areas and hills, retaining walls can help with erosion and other drainage issues.
  • Catch basins, drainage ditches or dry wells. Creating basins, ditches or wells which will attract and collect water is an excellent solution for extreme draining issues.
  • Creek beds. A beautiful drainage solution is a dry creek bed made from river rocks. This can add depth to your landscaping while providing the drainage you need.

It’s important to understand the best way to address the drainage problem on your property. Consulting a landscaping company who has expertise in providing drainage options can ensure that you get the best solution for your pooling and draining problem. They can inspect your property and design a draining solution to work best for your unique situation.

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