Dry Creek Beds – A Stylish Drainage Option

Published on: May 28, 2018

Are you having problems with drainage on your property? Too much water can ruin your landscaping, causing erosion and even damage your home. While there are many drainage options like French drains that can be hidden underground, they do not add anything to your property’s appeal. Why not choose a more stylish drainage solution? Dry creek beds can be a perfect way to manage water and add a classic look to your landscaping.

How Does a Dry Creek Bed Work?

Water tends to flow to the lowest area on your property. The trick of drainage solutions is to get the water to go where you want it to flow and keep it away from your home and landscaping. A dry creek bed is best used on property that has hills or slopes – the idea is to collect the water on one path to keep it from eroding the soil.

Dry creek beds are dug lower than the surrounding ground and covered with beauty river rock. You can have larger rocks or boulders to edge the creek bed. Using curves and plants can add a natural style, while the meandering creek bed whisks away water during the wetter months and looks aesthetically pleasing all year round. You can stylize your dry creek bed in many ways to make it a stunning centerpiece in your landscaping while performing a valuable function.

If you are interested in adding a dry creek bed for drainage on your property, discuss the options with a landscaper that offers drainage solutions. They can ensure your dry creek bed is installed correctly and give you ideas on how to use it to enhance your landscape design.

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