Add Beauty And Drainage With A Dry Creek Bed

Published on: October 12, 2014

Slopes and hills on your property can cause drainage issues capable of destroying your lawn and plants, as well as endangering your home. While there are many drainage solutions available to the average homeowner, none are quite as beautiful as a dry creek bed. Using rocks from your favorite landscape supply store, you can create a dry creek bed which will offer a place for excess water to go while adding a stunning feature to your landscape design. 

What You Will Need

To build a dry creek bed for drainage, you will need a few supplies from the landscape store. Although you can hire a landscaper to build this for you, industrious do-it-yourself homeowners can install a creek bed in an afternoon. You will need to know the size of bed you want to create before heading to purchase supplies. Map out the area where the bed will be located, and bring your dimensions with you to the supply store. Some of the items you will need include: 

  • Shovel
  • Landscape fabric and garden staples
  • Mortar
  • Pebbles, river rocks and boulders 

Depending on the size of bed you are creating, you may need to have your rocks delivered. Talk to your supply store expert about the rock options they have available. Keep both functionality and aesthetics in mind, using smaller rock for drainage and larger rocks for decorating the top area. 

Once you have the supplies on hand, you’re ready to get started. You’ll need to dig your trench, then lay down your fabric and secure it with staples. After the fabric has been secured, spread mortar over the fabric before adding your pebbles and smaller river rocks. The larger rocks can be used along the edges for appearance. In just a few hours, you can complete a beautiful addition to your yard which will offer protection for your property from heavy rain.

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