Four Common Frustrating Landscaping Mistakes

Published on: February 10, 2014

Smart, high-quality landscaping adds value and beauty to your home. Additionally, it can minimize maintenance, therefore, saving you time, money, and labor.

On the other hand, poor landscaping can detract both value and beauty from your home. Furthermore, it can create a maintenance nightmare for you.

Avoiding the following common landscaping mistakes is an excellent way for you to make certain your landscaping beautifies and adds value to your home, while not demanding an unreasonable amount of time and money for its maintenance.

Landscaping Mistake #1

You failed to plan. Impulsively adding flowers, plants, and other elements to your property is a sure way to create an unattractive landscape. Instead, a professional landscape design for your entire property will result in a beautiful and balanced landscape.

Landscaping Mistake #2

You didn’t factor in the seasons. It’s easy to only consider the warmer seasons of spring and summer when landscaping. To make sure your property is attractive year-round, include landscaping elements for the cooler seasons of fall and winter as well.

Landscaping Mistake #3

You assumed that your landscape must have a lawn. While naturally beautiful and appealing, a property with large areas of grass can create quite the hassle to maintain. There’s no need to go for the “golf course” look…unless that’s what you want. Instead, carefully choose from the multitude of other options available to you… and that better suits you.

Landscaping Mistake #4

You failed to work with your terrain. Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to transform your property’s current terrain into something totally different. By working with your property’s natural terrain, you can achieve a landscape that nicely complements your property’s natural attributes and gifts.

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