Top 3 Ways to Add More Privacy to Your Backyard

Published on: August 9, 2018

Do you feel on display when you are relaxing in your backyard? If you can feel prying eyes when you are enjoying time on your back deck or patio, maybe it is time to add some privacy to your backyard. Many neighborhoods are built with little space between homes, leaving your private areas exposed. Here are three ways to add more privacy to your backyard for you and your family.


The most common way to create a more private and secure backyard is with fencing. For privacy, you want a solid fencing. Wood or vinyl fencing does a great job for adding privacy. Make sure your fence is tall enough to give you the coverage you prefer.

Privacy Trees

Want a more natural screen from the world? Privacy trees offer a beautiful way to create an enclosed area for your backyard. Cypress, cedar and other tree varieties can be planted around your property line, offering excellent privacy. Want higher coverage than a fence can provide? Many privacy trees can grow quickly to heights of twenty feet or more, blocking the view from upper windows in neighboring homes.

Arbors and Other Landscaping Features

You can also create privacy with arbors, trellises and other landscaping features. Your landscaper can help you come up with innovative ideas to give you privacy while adding stunning accents to your landscape design.

Give you and your family some privacy when you are spending a lazy day by the pool or enjoying a backyard BBQ with friends. Use one or a combination of these privacy options to create your own personal oasis in your backyard.

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