Landscape Design and Planning

Published on: November 22, 2012

Before getting underway on your new landscaping project, ensure that you have spent sufficient time thoroughly planning the work. Sometimes it can be easy to get carried away and when you have a great idea, you just want to jump in to the good stuff and start digging up your yard. This can result in a far less than perfect execution of the job and a miss match of random features in your yard that don’t blend or integrate with one another effectively.

When you look at a beautifully designed and executed landscaping project you may pick out a number of features such as a flower bed, a patio and a bird table but you should also notice that your eye and yourself as you move through the garden doesn’t notice where one feature ends and another begins. One of the many signs of a good landscape design is that it appears smooth and seamless.

In order to achieve this in your own project you must put the time in to the planning. Make a note of all the features you would like to include and tear out any pictures of things you like from magazines to provide you with ideas and inspiration.

Another planning step that is highly recommended is to draw a sketch of your entire landscape with all of the features that you intend to include. It may take a few attempts to figure out where each feature is best situated but that is the whole point of doing the planning. Try to draw it to scale so that you end up with a fairly accurate impression of how it will look before you get started.

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