Do You Need to Replace or Renovate Your Landscaping?

Published on: January 5, 2018

Have you been considering removing your landscaping and starting over from scratch? Replacing your landscaping can be an extensive and expensive project. Not all landscaping that has problems needs to be replaced. Often a landscape renovation is all that is needed, saving time and money on improving the look and design of your yard.

Renovation Options

When you are disappointed with your landscaping, it is often because it did not turn out the way you originally planned. The hedges you planted are thin or sparse, or the grass you planted is not thriving. You may have a design that doesn’t seem balanced or cohesive. Instead of starting over, there are a few renovation options that can transform your landscaping.

  • Often the reason plants are not thriving, or a landscape design is not working, is due to environmental issues. Drainage problems, too much shade or irrigation problems can be addressed to help your plants get the nourishment they need.
  • Improving growth. Reseeding your lawn or pruning shrubs can help create thicker foliage and the look you want. Never underestimate the benefits of fertilizing and mulch to help improve your plant growth.
  • Adding new features. A good landscape design is well-balanced and has focus. You may just need a few new features or plants to create a cohesive design, not a whole new landscape.

Before you tear out all your landscaping and start fresh, get a consultation from a landscaper that offers renovation services. They may be able to suggest a few small changes that can help transform your yard without a complete replacement, saving you time and money on your yard makeover.

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