Add a New Focal Point to Your Landscaping with an Arbor Swing

Published on: March 13, 2016

Does your yard need something new, an addition that will spur it from boring to beautiful? Adding a new focal point can be just the ticket to give your landscaping a boost. A trendy option in landscaping is adding an arbor swing that offer a functional outdoor seating area combined with artful design. Here are a few tips to help incorporate this beautiful outdoor piece into your landscaping.

  • Place your arbor with the swing facing a pleasant area of your yard. You may want to face it toward your garden, pool or a pond, something that is pleasing to look at and enjoy.
  • Find the right climbing plant for your arbor. Depending on where you live and the climate, there are many options when it comes to climbing plants. A blooming variety can make a lovely, romantic swing, while vines are great for privacy.
  • Give yourself room to move. You don’t want your new arbor swing to be up against a fence or wall; give yourself some room to actually use it as a swing and where the plants growing on it will get enough light.
  • Considering the sun exposure. You may want to position your arbor swing in an area that gets some shade. Many climbing vines do not flourish in direct sunlight. A cooler, shaded area during mid-day will be more conducive to growing most vine plants and give you a nice, shaded spot to relax on hot summer days.

Talk to your local landscaping company about installing a new arbor swing this winter so it will be ready to go when you plant this spring. It may be just the new focal point your landscaping needs for a fresh look this year.

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