Creating A Small Hide-Away In Your Yard

Published on: December 4, 2012

Having a little nook of privacy can make use unused areas in your yard. Although much of landscaping and landscape design is built around entertaining family and friends, sometimes it is nice to create a special place just for you. There are several ways to make unused space into your new favorite part of your yard.

Secret Garden

One way to cordon off a corner or back area of your yard is too use plants such as shrubs or bushes to hide the area. You can of course use a screen or small fence, but the use of plants can make it blend naturally with the landscape. Rounding off a corner with a wall of shrubs is a perfect place to put your secret get-away.

Designing Your Area

Depending on the size of the spot and what you find relaxing, you can choose from a few different ideas for your quiet spot. Some ideas are:

  • Hidden bistro. Maybe you just want a quiet spot to have your coffee or read a book. Use paving stones to create a natural floor and add a bistro set in your little enclave.
  • Water garden. If water is what soothes you, you can add a water garden or feature with a bench near it for reflecting.
  • Natural garden. Your idea of calm may stem from beauty and rest. Have a swing, hammock or rocking chair amidst flowering plants and vines.

Whatever if find appealing, work with your landscape designer to make use of that back corner or other wasted space. Having your own personal retreat can relieve stress and give you a place to get away from it all.

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