Landscaping Design for Cold Weather

Published on: December 31, 2013

For many American homeowners, the low temperatures of winter are a simple fact of life. While plunging temperatures can bring a significant change to the plants and landscaping on your property, it doesn’t have to be a time of dormancy and bleak colors. With the right landscaping plan and the attention of an experienced professional in your area, you can create a landscape design which provides color and beauty throughout the winter months.

Selecting Winter-Hardy Plants

While many plants will die off or become dormant during winter weather, there are those which are capable of withstanding cold temperatures while still providing color and life to your property until spring arrives again. These plants don’t have to consist solely of evergreens, either. Depending on the particular climate of your area, you may be able to bring splashes of vibrant shades to your winter garden by selecting a few hardy plants.

Heather is one such plant, famed for its resilience and one of the most popular winter landscaping choices in Europe. American garden lovers are starting to warm to this cold-hardy plant, which has a wide array of varieties which bloom in different seasons. Some subtypes will bloom sporadically throughout the year, even during cold weather. Winterberry and red twig dogwood are also popular choices for North American gardeners, each of which sets bright red berries throughout the winter months.

Know Your Climate

Because a local landscaping professional will have in-depth knowledge regarding the climate of your area and the plants which are most likely to thrive in your winter garden, it’s wise to work with a professional in the planning and execution of your landscaping design. Whether you’re building a seasonal garden or looking for a plan which will provide beauty throughout the year, a professional in your area will be able to help you understand the local climate and make the best choices for your individual property.

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