What is a French Drain?

Published on: March 13, 2013

Excessive amounts of water in your lawn can not only damage your landscape, but also lead to potentially destructive and costly water damages to your home. It’s difficult to enjoy the beauty of your lawn or to send your children out to play when excess water renders it consistently muddy, and it can even cause structural damage over time.

One solution to landscape drainage problems is the French drain. The installation of a French drain is relatively simple and inexpensive, so improving your lawn with one isn’t likely to break the bank. They are, however, a bit more complicated than the average homeowner is prepared to handle.

In essence, a French drain consists of a trench and a pipe that diverts water out of your lawn. For it to work effectively, though, you’ll have to make sure that the slope angle is accurate and that the pipe is properly surrounded by washed gravel. Correct placement can also be a challenge, as the same placement that leaves your lawn less muddy may not protect the foundation of your home from damage. Depending on the lay of your lawn, you may even require a series of trenches for adequate drainage.

If standing water in your lawn seems to be a lingering problem after every moderate-to-heavy rain, you’ll want to contact a landscaping professional in your area to discuss your options. Your landscaper can designe and install a French drain system that keeps your home safe from structural damage and dries out your lawn so that you’re not forced to don hip waders every time you take a stroll around the property.

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