Benefits of Adding a Dry Creek Bed to Your Yard

Published on: December 30, 2016

Do you have drainage issues in your yard? There are many ways to manage drainage issues, from adding a French drain to installing underground piping. However, none are as beautiful and functional as adding a dry creek bed to your landscaping design. These gorgeous hardscapes offer several benefits, making them a desirable addition to almost any home. Consider these benefits:

Drainage. First and foremost, a strategically placed dry creek bed can offer a natural drainage system to sweep water away from low areas or your home’s foundation. Water will automatically flow to this lower area and follow the path you create.

Erosion control. Proper drainage offers protection from erosion, whether it is on a sloped area of your property or reducing water from attacking your home’s foundation or basement walls. This can reduce basement leaks and premature settling of your home.

Covering lawn flaws. Do you have areas that refuse to support a green, lush lawn in your yard? A dry creek bed is perfect for covering these stubborn areas while providing a drainage solution for your yard.

Adding depth and dimension to your yard. Not only are dry creek beds functional, they add interest, depth and dimension to your landscaping. Beautiful, natural stone that is carefully designed for maximum aesthetic value can transform a boring backyard into a place of beauty.

If your yard could benefit from the addition of a dry creek bed, talk to your local landscaper that offers drainage solutions. It is important to ensure that your new creek bed is installed correctly to get the most benefits.

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