Add Zen Calm With A Beautiful Rock Garden

Published on: April 24, 2014

Even those without a green thumb can have a beautiful garden. A rock or Zen garden is a perfect addition to your yard if you struggle with traditional flower gardening. Rock gardens can be absolutely stunning hardscapes, while requiring less maintenance and tending, making them popular with those who have little time to devote to landscaping.

Starting Your Rock Garden

The best place for your rock garden is a sunny space in your yard, possibly a slope or hill. One of the great uses of a rock garden is to cover areas that are difficult to mow or have poor soil for growing. Once you find your area, you will need to remove the current plant life before starting your new garden. Digging down about one foot should be plenty to remove all the roots of grass and weeds.

The next step is to create the foundation for your rock garden. Large, oddly shaped racks work great; even chunks of old concrete can be used. This will work as drainage. Next, add a layer of sand, which will be the base for your soil, which is the next layer. Once you have these three layers in place, you can begin creating your rock garden.

There is no set way to build a rock garden. You can use only rocks or disperse small plants and flowers amongst your rocks. The best way to proceed is to work with your landscaping professional to choose your rocks, big, medium and small. Once these are in place, let them settle for a week or two before adding any plants. Once complete, you should have a beautiful rock garden that takes little maintenance and adds a sense of Zen to your yard!

Posted of behalf of Troy Ogrin, Maxwell Hardscapes


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