Add an Inviting Outdoor Fireplace

Published on: December 31, 2013

The ideal landscaping plan is inviting and welcoming, one which beckons homeowners and guests alike to gather outdoors in order to enjoy its beauty. Unfortunately, chilly weather and nighttime conditions can render your garden or patio all but useless for significant amounts of time. One way to extend the usefulness of your carefully designed outdoor living space is to consider the installation of an outdoor fireplace, which will provide both warmth and illumination during times when you’d ordinarily avoid the outdoors.

With the installation of hardscape features, particularly outdoor fireplaces, you can make your landscaping design enjoyable well into the cool season and long after dark. Outdoor fireplaces also serve as focal points for your landscaping design, complementing the rest of your outdoor living space beautifully. By extending the season for your outdoor living space with a fireplace, you’ll ensure your investment is one you can enjoy far beyond the daytime hours during summer and spring.

Ideally, an outdoor fireplace will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your landscaping design and hardscapes, including structures like patios and decking. To make even a brand new fireplace addition look like an established structure in your overall design, it’s also wise to integrate mature plants and shrubbery. Flowering plants can add a splash of color to the surrounding area, so work with an experienced landscaping professional to determine which plants are best suited to the local climate in your area.

There are a wide array of materials and designs available for outdoor fireplaces, which makes it easy to ensure a great thematic fit with the rest of your landscaping design. Contact a landscaping professional in your area to determine the best design for your property, and to bring a new level of livability to your outdoor living space and landscaping design.

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