Install Pavers for Your Front Walk

Published on: September 25, 2013

Many people hesitate to install pavers because the initial cost could be higher than over alternatives. However, the advantages are many and should be weighed against that cost over the long term. Pavers today come with great design flexibility; their many shapes and colors allow for creativity in design patterns and visual appeal. Their beauty adds value and flexibility in blending effectively with other landscaping features.

Some handy homeowners may be able to save on costs by doing their own installation, if the project is small and relatively simple. Pavers can often be purchased from home supply stores on sale or in bulk. Concrete pavers are less expensive than those made of clay, granite or sandstone. However, due to their strength, weather resistance and durability, as well as maintenance and replacement costs, pavers are a good long-term investment as well as an economical alternative to other types of pavement.

Stronger than poured concrete and more durable than asphalt, factory made pavers can last for decades. They are unaffected by temperature extremes of heat and cold. Pavers are low maintenance, easily removed and replaced. They are easily cleaned and can also be sealed. Furthermore, pavers provide excellent drainage. Pavers can be plowed or shoveled and will not be harmed by de-icing products. Electric snow melt systems can be installed under the pavers to eliminate the need for snow removal. Pavers have a non-skid surface, reducing the potential hazards of slipping.

Whatever your ideas for enhancing or completing your landscaping design with an additional paver walkway, contact your local landscaping professional who will incorporate and professionally blend all of your ideas and features into a walking path that will serve you well for generations.

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