Choosing the Right Outdoor Fireplace

Published on: March 26, 2013

Having an outdoor fireplace allows you to enjoy an outdoor area such as a deck, pool or patio. Even on cooler evenings when you might normally have to seek warmer temperatures indoors, an outdoor fireplace allows you to stay outside and stay warmer for longer periods.

Fireplaces designed to be used outdoors can vary from smaller models designed to be moved or portable in between uses, or even larger, permanently fixed units. Special units called “chimineas” are also an option – these are usually made of clay, metal or cast iron and can be used almost anywhere. Portable units are smaller in size, so be cautious when using them in areas with high or strong winds, as this may cause them to tip over.

A fireplace that is permanently installed is an alternative, but it does require more time and consideration, as well as a larger budget. A professional landscaper can offer advice or design you an outdoor fireplace to compliment any area in which its installed, and the appearance is only limited by their imagination – or yours. A fireplace can be built from almost any sort of material like stone, brick, concrete or cement. Stand alone units provide a central location for people to gather around, while those next to or built into retaining walls are better protected from harsh weather.

The choice of what style and size fireplace you use is up to you, and should be carefully considered before moving forward. Seek the help of a professional, someone with experience and the expertise to advise you on the best outdoor fireplace that fits your needs, and that best compliments the space where you use it.

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