Your Landscaping Plan Will Be Affected by Your Fire Feature

Published on: April 10, 2013

Simply put, fire is fascinating, and like light to a moth, it seems to captivate us, pulling us into its mystery. Knowing that it can be a powerful, destructive, life threatening force must somehow add to our need to observe it when it is safely contained. Watching the flames flicker and dance, while listening to the roar of a fire consuming wood, is just downright hypnotic. Who among us can deny the absorbing power of fire, stimulating and exciting, even while it calms and relaxes us.

If you are planning on extending your home to the great outdoors with more entertaining as your goal, or are simply entering into a landscaping project, chances are you are considering adding some type of fire feature to the outside of your home. Whether you’d prefer an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit in your new outdoor living area would depend on several factors uniquely personal to you.  For instance, how many people would you hope to entertain at one event?

An outdoor fireplace is cozy for a few and conducive to intimate conversation; whereas, a fire pit provides a complete circle of enjoyment for a campfire-type atmosphere. If your property contains a view that adds to your pleasure, a fire pit would typically sit lower to the ground, not spoiling your scenery. Conversely, a fireplace has size and mass, which may be more decorative. A fireplace may feel easier to use in less than perfect weather conditions, and less potentially hazardous if safety is a concern.

Regardless of your choice, the marketplace today is literally flooded with options.  Be sure and let your landscaping professional assist you in making the best choice for your outdoor space.

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