Turning the Exterior of a Home into a Outdoor Living Space

Published on: August 1, 2013

More and more people are enjoying the outside of their home, especially during the spring, summer and fall seasons.  As a result there is a great deal of interest in turning areas on the exterior of the home into outdoor living spaces, where families can gather to relax and be with each other.  Many people are not sure how to make this happen, but a qualified landscape professional who specializes in hardscapes and outdoor living and spaces can assist in designing and building this space.

These living spaces can be simple patio with a fire pit or they can be fully integrated hardscape and landscape area, which include such features as decorative patio pavers, retaining walls, outdoor fireplaces, as well as outdoor kitchens. Many people enjoy outdoor fireplaces, which can be either decorative and are used primarily to keep the owner’s warm on cool nights, to completely functional fireplaces with wood fired ovens, which allows food to be cooked in them.  Often these are incorporated into a retaining wall system, which is used to create a flat area on a property that has a significant elevation change.  There are few limitations beyond a homeowner’s budget!

The key to creating a cost effective outdoor living space is to get a qualified hardscape contractor involved early on in the process.  They will provide professional guidance on the options that are available that will meet the homeowner’s budget as well as create and build a completely functional outdoor living space, which will enjoyed by your family for years!

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