Stacked Stone Structures to Add Depth to Your Yard

Published on: February 3, 2015

Natural stone has a beauty which can’t easily be duplicated by man-made products. The irregular shapes and colors are what make any structures constructed of natural stone unique. Adding a stack stone structure to your landscaping can add depth and character to your yard, while also providing a valuable function.

Ideas for Stacked Stone Structures

There are many ways you can add natural stone into your landscaping. Stacked stone can be used to create functional structures, without the need for mortar. Most stone can be stacked to less than three feet without needing reinforcement, using only gravity and weight to keep it stable. Taller structures may need concrete footings or steel rebar to help stabilize the rocks. Some ideas for stacked stone structures include:

  • Fireplace or fire pit. A natural stone fireplace is a wonderful addition to any yard. Create a short, round pit, or stack higher with support.
  • Retaining wall. Slopes and hills in need of support are a perfect place to add stacked stone in the form of a retaining wall. The structure can help reduce erosion while creating a classic, country appeal to your yard.
  • Stone furniture. Stacked stones can make excellent rustic tables and benches for your backyard, a nice change from boring, mass-produced patio furniture.

Natural stone will last a lifetime and beyond, making the material a wise investment into the beauty of your home. There are many ways to incorporate these stones, stacking them to create structures, using them as borders or as paving stones. The end result can be breathtaking, giving your yard a natural beauty that is truly unique.

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