What Is the Best Dandelion Killer That Won’t Kill Grass?

Published on: March 6, 2022

The dandelion is the nemesis of many lawns. These weeds are prolific and aggressive, often taking over entire yards with their invasive nature. If you are fighting dandelions in your yard, you need the right dandelion killers. What is the best dandelion killer that won’t kill grass? Let’s go over the options.

There is a billion dollar industry built by selling weed killers, especially to kill the dandelion. Why does this bright yellow flower receive so much hate? While it may look innocent with its cheery color, the aggressive roots under the soil are killing the surrounding grass and taking over entire lawns.

When considering the best dandelion killers, you need to understand how to stop dandelions while protecting your lawn. Simply pulling them up is not an option – dandelions can have roots two feet deep that are almost impossible to completely uproot by pulling. Other dandelion traits include:

  • Broad leaves that lie flat on the ground
  • Prolific seed production – one plant can create 10,000 seeds
  • Lifespan is only about three months
  • Dandelions prefer well-drained, fertile soil

Dandelions do best in the same soil as turf grass – fertile and well-drained – which is why it is a natural enemy of a thick lawn. The best dandelion killer that won’t kill grass is one the selectively eliminates dandelions without harming grass or other plants you want to thrive.

Types of Dandelion Killers

There are many different products that can kill dandelions, but not all are safe for your grass. While many people prefer to use organic or natural products over synthetic herbicides, it is not always easy to protect the grass from harm. Organic dandelion killers tend not to be selective in what plant life they eradicate.

The best dandelion killer that won’t kill grass are inorganic, selective herbicides. These products use chemicals that are designed to kill specific weeds like dandelions but will not harm turf grass. The genetic makeup targets only certain plants, like broadleaf weeds, which includes dandelions.

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Selective Herbicide Products

Selective herbicide products some in a variety of forms that can be used on your lawn. The best option depends on the size of your lawn and how infested it is with dandelions. If you only have a few dandelions, you can spray each weed individually. Otherwise, you can use a blanket application.

Dandelion killers come in powder, liquid, granule and spray bottles that can be used in various ways. Liquid and spray bottles are designed to spray directly on weeds, while granules and powder can be spread over the lawn to kill the weeds in a blanket application.

The best dandelion killer that won’t kill grass and actually improves your lawn is a weed and feed product. This is a combination of fertilizer and selective herbicide that can kill the dandelions while improving the nutrients in your soil. You can find these products at almost any landscape supply store.

Best Methods of Killing Dandelions

Regardless of which selective herbicide you use, there are a few tips to keep you safe and obtain the best results. Many of these products are toxic and you do not want to accidentally breathe in or ingest these chemicals. You also want to protect your lawn from harm. Here are some tips:

  • Water your lawn thorough in the days prior to applying your dandelion killers. This will improve the health of the grass to reduce harm to your lawn.
  • Read all instructions regarding the use of your product. This is very important – every herbicide has specific use instructions that should be followed exactly to avoid harm to you, your pets and lawn.
  • Wear protective gear when applying herbicide. Cover your skin as much as possible with gloves, long sleeves and pants. You should also wear eye protection to avoid chemicals entering the eye.
  • Walk backward while spraying herbicide. You do not want to spray in front of you and walk through the spray – walk backward, carefully, and spray in front of you to avoid getting the product on your clothes and shoes.
  • Do not apply product when it is windy. Choose a calm weather day to apply product to avoid it blowing into your face or areas you do not want it to touch.

While selective herbicides are the best dandelion killer that won’t kill your grass, there are times when it may be best to completely eradicate your yard. If there are more areas covered in dandelions than there are patches of grass, it may be best to use a complete herbicide and start your lawn over from scratch.
dandelions in grass
There are many effective dandelion killers on the market that will not harm your lawn. To find the best option for your yard, talk to your local landscaper for recommendations or to complete your weed control treatment for you.

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