What are the Benefits of Lawn Aeration?

Published on: November 4, 2019

Compacted soil can suffocate the roots of your grass and affect the health of your lawn. If your lawn has struggled to flourish, it may be due to soil compaction. One way to keep your grass healthy is with routine core aeration of your lawn. This can help loosen the soil and improve the health of your lawn. Here are some of the main benefits of lawn aeration:

  • Loosen compacted or dense soil. When soil is compacted or is a dense variety like clay, water, air and nutrients can have trouble reaching the grass roots. Aeration can create holes in the soil to allow the needed elements to reach the roots.
  • Perforate thick thatch. If there is a thick thatch covering the ground, it can limit the water and nutrients that can reach the soil. Aeration breaks up thatch to allow penetration to the soil.
  • Reduce water, seeding and fertilizer loss. If water is running off your lawn instead of penetrating the soil, anything you add to your lawn can be whisked away. Seeding, fertilizer and weed control agents may be running off your lawn with your water. Aeration can ensure your lawn treatments are more effective.
  • Reduce irrigation costs. If water is not soaking into the soil on your lawn, you will need to water more often. Core aeration can reduce the frequency of watering and the cost of irrigation.

Core aeration can be performed once a year or every few years to help keep your lawn healthy. Quality landscapers can complete this service using the right equipment, giving your grass access to the water, air and nutrients it needs to flourish.

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