5 Benefits of Artificial Turf Grass

Published on: April 2, 2018

Artificial turf grass isn’t just for the football field. Many homeowners have decided to stop mowing, edging and watering their grass and enjoy year-round green lawns with artificial turf. There have been vast improvements made in the options available for turf, giving you a lasting, environmentally friendly way to improve the beauty of your yard. Here are five benefits to using artificial turf grass for your lawn.

  1. Always green. Whether it is 100 degree out in August or bellowing freezing in January, your lawn will always be green with artificial turf. Never look out at a yellow or brown lawn again and stop wasting valuable water during those hot months.
  2. Low maintenance. Think of the money and time you will save when you don’t need to mow, edging, seed, thatch or do anything to maintain your grass! Artificial turf is perfect for those that want to spend their time outside relaxing, not maintaining their lawn.
  3. Safe. Artificial turf grass is safe for pets and kids. No chemical weed killer or fertilizer is needed, so there is nothing to affect the health of those enjoying time in your yard. Make sure you choose a quality turf that is lead-free.
  4. Durable and lasting. The turf available nowadays can last for twenty years or more. It holds up to heavy traffic and doesn’t wear paths in your yard like natural grass.
  5. Comfortable and beautiful. Artificial turf can be beautiful and comfortable, just like natural grass. The difference is you don’t need to spend your time maintaining it.

If you are tired of fighting to keep a lush, green lawn, consider adding artificial turf grass this year. Talk to your local landscaper that offers quality turf installation as one of their services.

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