Spring Lawn Overseeding

Published on: March 27, 2011

With spring on the way, now is the time to decide whether your lawn needs overseeding.  If your lawn is looking a little thin, overseeding can help your lawn grow thick and lush and discourage the growth of weeds.  Overseeding can also help your lawn stay healthy by introducing disease resistant strains of grass into the lawn.

Spring and Fall are the two best times to overseed your lawn.  In warmer southern climates, fall is generally a better time because the grass can become established and get stronger throughout the Winter and it will also add some green color to dormant warm weather grass yards, but early spring is the next best time.  If your lawn is thin in the Spring, its best to overseed right away rather than wait until fall which would allow weeds to take hold in the yard. In colder climates, spring is the better time for overseeding.

If your yard is compacted, you will need to aerate it before overseeding.  You will also get better results if you spread a thin layer of topsoil or compost on the yard prior to overseeding.  Using a spreader, follow the instructions provided by the seed company for the amount of seeds to spread for proper coverage.  Spread the seeds right after mowing the lawn.  This will allow light and air to reach the new seedlings.

After overseeding, water the lawn frequently to keep the seeds moist.  Once the seedlings begin to sprout, adjust your watering schedule to less frequent, but more thorough watering to promote deep root growth.

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