Free Up Your Weekends this Year with a Lawn Maintenance Program

Published on: March 27, 2016

Are you tired of giving up part of every weekend during the summer to your lawn, plus one or two a month during the fall and winter? There comes a time when you need to look at the value of getting on a professional lawn maintenance program. When you commit to a full year program, the service can be extremely affordable and offers many benefits. Here are a few reasons why you should sign up for an annual maintenance program with your local landscaper.

  • A better looking lawn. You may have a green thumb but there is no replacement for a professional landscaper when it comes to making your lawn look its best. From using the right methods when mowing to aerating, thatching, fertilizing and reseeding as needed, your landscaper can keep your grass in tip-top shape.
  • Less equipment costs. Lawnmowers, weed eaters and other lawn equipment all cost money to maintain and repair. Put that money into a lawn service that owns all those tools, freeing up space in your garage or tool shed.
  • More time for doing what you love. Whether you would rather be out on the golf course or just like relaxing by your pool, handing over your lawn maintenance can give you more free time. Let the professionals handle your lawn and enjoy your weekends again.

Most landscapers have different annual packages to choose from, depending on your budget and lawn maintenance needs. Talk to your local landscaper today and get started on program for keeping your lawn looking great all year. Starting in the off-season can often get you the best options, so don’t wait until spring or summer to find the right package for your needs.

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