Using Retaining Walls To Transform Hillsides

Published on: June 4, 2014

If you have a steep hill in your yard, you know how difficult it can be to plant and maintain these areas. Grass is difficult to mow, plants are hard to weed and erosion takes its toll on any landscaping design you attempt. The best solution is to add a retaining wall or walls, which can support your hillside, giving it a beautiful edge that can add to the curb appeal of your home.

Retaining Wall Options

Retaining walls can be made from many different types of materials and used in several ways. Most commonly, you will notice retaining walls at the bottom of a hill or slope, creating a clean, beautiful edge to the hill. This can be done with bricks, natural stones or even cement, depending on your preference and budget. Natural stones such as flagstones are one of the more expensive materials; however, this can give a wonderful rustic look to your home that will last for decades or longer.

In addition to just adding an edge to your hillside, retaining walls can be used for other purposes as well, including:

  • Terracing. Create perfect planting areas by adding terraces to your hillside with retaining walls. This can transform your hill into two or more flat garden spots.
  • Erosion. Adding a retaining wall can stop your hillside from eroding further, stabilizing the hill ground and protecting the landscaping below. If your home is at the top of this hill, it can protect your foundation from erosion.

Once the retaining wall is in place, there is very little maintenance that needs to be done, making it an easy fix for your hillside. Talk to your local landscaping company about creating a retaining wall for your hillside as a beautiful and functional addition to your yard.

Posted on behalf of Joe Archer, Mobile Joe’s Landscaping


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