What Retaining Walls Can Do for Your Yard

Published on: March 26, 2013

Retaining walls can be an attractive way to frame a yard space, offering function by providing a flat space for a patio, pool, spa or any sort of area that needs a flat area. The services of a licensed, professional landscaper can offer suggestions on how to get started, but first a homeowner should sit down and consider what they want out of their yard, and what a retaining wall can offer them.

Check all available sources for ideas, like local landscaping websites, in order to know what you want and how to budget for it – creating an aesthetically pleasing yard can raise the value of a home, and an expert can advise you on how much to budget for depending on the desired changes for available yard space. A landscaping expert can also create a design and detailed plans for reshaping the yard, with appropriate drainage needs and knowing what materials to buy.

Make sure that any new yard area compliments the style and appearance of the house it’s built around. Popular choices for building materials include brick, pressure treated wood like redwood or fit, stone, brick and even steel. Keep in mind that the material you pick will need to be maintained and cared for, so considering choosing something like stone or concrete for their wear and tear.

The cost of installation and care for your retaining walls and new yard will vary depending on the size of the yard and the materials used in building it, but a skilled landscaper will know the best choices for a house and the homeowners that live there.

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