Retaining Walls – They Beautify and Protect

Published on: June 7, 2013

Retaining walls can be a nice addition to your property’s hardscaping.

You can choose from a wide variety of materials to build your retaining wall. You can also incorporate it into your overall landscaping plan to improve your property’s appearance. Despite their unique and distinct beauty, retaining walls do much more than beautify your landscape.


Sometimes when it rains, it really does pour. Heavy rainfall and constant downpours can be your worst landscaping nightmare. Heavy or torrential rains accompanied by strong winds can easily carry away your precious soil. This makes your plants susceptible to damage, and can also destroy your lovely landscape.

Retaining walls are a lifesaver.  They are especially beneficial for any sloped areas on your property. They can prevent soil from falling or sliding away from its foundation. This preserves the ground area on your property while at the same time making it more attractive.


You should make a note of your yard’s draining patterns. This information is useful in determining where to build your retaining wall. It is even more helpful to contact a professional landscaping company to figure out if your property might benefit from a retaining wall, and how so.

Heavy Loads & Drainage

Your retaining wall should be designed and built to bear heavy loads. Furthermore, make sure that proper drainage has been designed before the construction of your retaining wall. A poorly built wall will crack, lean, and fail eventually, and sometimes immediately.

Material Selection

Carefully select your materials. Brick and stone walls tend to outlast those that are made with timber. In addition, a landscaping company can help you choose from the many different types of materials available.

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