Creative Uses For Landscape Timbers

Published on: August 1, 2014

While many types of wood products have become increasingly expensive in the last few years, one of the most inexpensive is landscape timbers. Although they are not designed to build a deck or other major construction projects, they are commonly used for edging and building low retaining walls but can be used for many outdoors projects. If you find a good deal on landscape timbers at your local landscape supply store, here are some creative ideas for using them in your outdoor living areas.


One of the ways to make the most out of landscape timbers is by building a walkway. Since timbers are designed to be placed in dirt, they are more resistant to rotting than most lumber. Instead of needing to build above ground like a deck, timbers can be laid on the ground, requiring a much lower investment of time and money. Cut the timbers into identical pieces, measured to the width of your path. Then use boards the length of the walkway to hold the pieces in place on either side. You can use gravel, mulch or even just dirt to hold the boards in place.


Landscape timbers can make a great rustic bench for your patio or garden area. They can be laid across bricks or blocks, using rebar to hold the seat pieces together. You can also make the entire bench from timbers, stacking them to create legs with rebar threaded through them into the ground, with additional pieces for the seat or back.

Next time you’re visiting your local landscape supply store, take a look at the timbers available and ask about any “inferior” timbers they may have on sale. Often timbers with flaws may be discounted, yet they can be a great source of lumber for creative homeowners on a budget.

Posted on behalf of Cunningham Landscape Group

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