Tips on How to Landscape on a Budget

Published on: July 30, 2018

When you are trying to improve the beauty of your home, projects can become expensive. Landscaping is no different. Landscaping can add beauty and value to your home, but it also can have a hefty price tag. Here are some tips for budget-conscious landscaping ideas that won’t break the bank.

  • Reduce lawn size. One of the most expensive parts of landscaping is the lawn. Grass requires water, fertilizer and continuous maintenance with expensive equipment. Save on money by reducing the size of your lawn. Create rock, vegetable or flower gardens that require less water and maintenance.
  • Shop for inexpensive plants. You can save money on landscaping by buying cheaper plants that will require more TLC. Buying tiny starts for your fuchsias and cultivating them costs a fraction of buying full plants. Do this with most of your flowers, trees, shrubs and vegetables and you could save a small fortune.
  • Compost. Make your own fertilizer and reduce waste by creating a compost bin at your home. Your food scraps can make nutrient-dense fertilizer for your plants and save money while cutting down on garbage and waste.
  • Think sustainable. Sustainable landscaping is a hot trend, but it can also save you money. Think low maintenance and water efficiency for sustained living, along with edible plants.

Although you can save money doing much of your landscaping yourself, there are times you should hire a landscaper, even on a budget. Large projects like ponds, patios or hardscapes can seem easy enough to do on your own, but if it doesn’t turn out like you desire, it can be a big waste of money. It is better to spend a little extra to have a project done right than to waste hundreds of dollars on nothing. Save where you can to make it affordable to get the big jobs done by a professional landscaper.

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