Tips for Reviving a Dead Lawn

Published on: September 10, 2015

The hot summer months can take their toll on a lawn, especially with the heat waves that have hit the different parts of the country this year. In many places, a green lawn is hard to find, with many people allowing their lawns to turn yellow or brown. While a lawn may look dead after a hot, dry summer, most lawns can be revived with a little nurturing. Here are a few tips to bring that brown lawn back to life.

  • De-thatching. Often the yellow and brown you see is the thatch which has accumulated under the grass. This is dead grass and other organic material that builds up. To give your grass air and remove this dead material, a dethatching machine can be used to remove the thatch. Your local landscaper can dethatch your lawn with the proper equipment.
  • Watering. Many people will forego watering during the hottest months as it can seem to be a wasted effort. However, once the temperatures begin to become more moderate, you will need to water your lawn regularly if you want to revive it. If Mother Nature is not providing rain, a dry lawn will need about an inch of water added per week to help restore it back to health.
  • Fertilizing. A dead lawn could be a soil nutrient issue. You can test your soil to find out if it is lacking nutrients or discuss fertilizing your lawn with your professional landscaper. They can use their expertise to add the right mixture of fertilizer to help revive your lawn.

With a little TLC and the help of a professional landscape service, you can bring your brown lawn back to green once the hot weather subsides.

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