How to Make Your Landscaping Dog-Friendly

Published on: May 6, 2019

You love your dog, but you also want a beautiful yard to enjoy with friends and family. Unfortunately, sometimes it is difficult to have both. Your yard is also your pooches play area and bathroom, which can lead to worn lawn, yellow grass, dug up gardens and other issues. You can maintain a beautiful yard and give your dog a place to enjoy outside with a few tricks to make your yard dog-friendly.

Protecting the Grass

It is common for dogs to wear pathways in a lawn to their favorite spots. Urine is another problem; you may find yellow spots of dead grass where they like to relieve themselves. To keep a lush, green lawn, here are some tips:

  • Fertilize and feed your grass to keep it hardy and able to withstand exposure to urine and paw traffic
  • Water the spots where you dog urinates immediately
  • Train your dog to urinate in one area, preferably one without grass
  • Create stone pathways in worn areas – it creates a beautiful hardscape and a place for their paws to travel off the grass

There is not a type of grass that is completely resistant to damage from urine but keeping it healthy and limiting exposure can help you maintain a green lawn.

Enclose Gardens and Soft Dirt Areas

Take away the temptation for dogs to dig. Soft dirt is inviting to dogs and they may want to bury a bone or toy in your garden. Enclose flower beds and gardens with a small fence to let them know this area is off limits.

You can have both dogs and a landscaped, beautiful yard, but it does require some work. Make it easier on yourself; hire a professional landscaper to keep your lawn in excellent health and for adding hardscapes like pathways to protect your lawn.

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