Top Reasons for Core Aerating in Your Lawn

Published on: March 1, 2012

Many homeowners make the mistake of skipping the important step of springtime lawn aerating.  Good aerating is essential to the health of every lawn. Aerating the soil is important to relieve soil compaction.

During the winter, the soil becomes compacted and it’s difficult for your lawn’s root system to grow. By loosening up the soil, it becomes easier for the grass to grow a healthy root system.  Improving the health of your lawn also makes it harder for weeds to become established. When you have a thick and lush lawn, it can choke out some of those weeds.

Core aeration also improves the uptake of water in your lawn, which means you can use less water to get the same beautiful lawn. Whether you do the aerating yourself or hire a landscaper to do it, be sure to use a core aerator instead of a spike-type aerator.  Core aerators do a much more effective job of aerating your lawn.  In core aeration, the aerator pulls plugs of sod and soil from the lawn to aerate it. The plugs can be raked up but in most cases it’s fine to leave the plugs on the lawn and let them decompose.

It is possible to rent an aerator at an equipment rental center, but for not much more than the cost of the rental you can usually hire a landscaping professional to do the job for you.  It’s easy to damage your lawn by aerating improperly so most homeowners are better off letting a professional take care of it.  You will avoid the hassle of renting an aerator and you can be confident that your landscaper will get the job is done right.

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