Spring Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips

Published on: March 1, 2012

The amount of effort put into spring lawn care and maintenance makes a significant impact on the overall health of your lawn all summer long. Be sure you’re taking good care of the grass and starting those essential tasks on time. Otherwise the grass may have a difficult time growing and healing from past damage and overwintering.

There are several important projects that must be done in the early months of spring. Remember that you shouldn’t be allowing heavy traffic across your lawn in the wet parts of March and April, in case soggy conditions create further problems. Once that lawn has dried up enough to walk across it without stepping through puddles or sinking in the sod, it’s time to bring in the pros.

Hire a landscaper to aerate the high traffic areas of your grass. For suburban lots it often makes more sense to aerate the whole thing, but those out of the way spots in the far corners probably don’t need this process done every year. Aeration punches through the grass and soil to provide air pockets deep down, allowing for healthier roots and better soil.

Think about having our lawn rolled with a commercial grade lawn roller. This process helps to smooth out the lawn, providing more visual appeal. Frost moves the ground around a fair amount and can leave your yard pockmarked and covered in random lumps. A roller will wipe that frost damage away completely.

Fertilizer is an integral part of spring lawn care, but it’s important to choose the right type of fertilizer based on your climate and the type of grass. Ask your landscaper what they would recommend, and remember that a slow release lawn fertilizer will generate better results over time.

Spring lawn care and maintenance is a smart investment and allows you to have more freedom and better quality of life this season.

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