Tips for Landscaping in Small Spaces

Published on: September 10, 2015

A small yard does not just have to be just a patch of grass.  There are many design tricks that can be used to enhance a small area and make it look grand.  Start by thinking simple; elaborate beds or huge structures will not only look out of place, but actually make the area look smaller. Here are a few tips to make the most of a small space.

  • A small border of flowers in a long, straight line will give the illusion that the space is larger.  A fence at the back of the yard, especially one that has a gate, also tricks the eye into thinking there’s more to the area.
  • Incorporating an unusual element, such as a pergola or fire pit, makes a great focal point and is a diversion away from what appears to be a small space.
  • Bright colors, reds and yellows, used sparingly, will immediately draw attention to themselves and the rest of the landscape will recede, making the area feel larger.  These colors, whether they are plants, pots or garden art, must be used in small doses or can cause the reverse effect of making the area look smaller.
  • Making a pathway with decorative garden steppers or concrete pavers that leads to a deck, door or just meanders, will also give an illusion of depth and perspective.
  • Instead of using a fence as a backdrop, large pots at the back of an area will give the perception the area has something behind it. Another landscape design trick is to fill the pots with big, bold plants that have a tropical feel.
  • When horizontal space is at a premium, think up!  Colorful pots can be installed on an otherwise boring wall on small shelves or decorative hooks.

A professional landscaper can provide a detailed design with features that will make a small yard more usable and attractive.

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