Designing A Flagstone Patio

Published on: October 25, 2012

Flagstones are a popular choice for building patios for a number of reasons. There natural design allows for water to run through instead of off the patio, making it great for all types of climates. They are also durable and come in many colors and shapes that can fit into almost any outdoor landscape design.

With flagstones, you can go for a formal, patterned look or a more natural, casual appearance; it just depends on your taste. Formal looks will generally use uniform, cut flagstones that are set into a repeating pattern.The casual or natural style often uses naturally shaped stones that are placed in what may seem a random order.

With the formal look, the cut stones are generally placed close together with only a small, measured gap between the stones. The stones can be all the same size and shape, or a combination of smaller and larger stones. Using different colors to create designs or patterns will give the patio an organized look, perfect for a more formal atmosphere.

The natural or casual design may look like the stones were haphazardly laid down, but they are generally just as detailed in pattern as the formal look. If a small gap is needed between the stones, many it may take some searching to painstakingly find stones that “fit” each other like natural puzzle pieces. Other natural patios will have larger areas between the stones that are filled with moss or ground cover plants for a forest floor look.

Either style can make a great area to add patio furniture or to set up your outside cooking devices. Whatever way you go, flagstone patios can be a beautiful addition to your front or backyard and add value to your home.

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